When to Do Chimney Repair Work?

Who thinks about chimney repair work? Most of us don’t give much thought to our chimneys. They serve an important purpose to provide heat for our homes. Most of the time though you aren’t concerned about this feature of your house.

That is until you have a problem with it.

Chimneys like roofs are necessary to maintain. Problems with your chimney present serious safety issues for your family. A chimney’s purpose is to move gases and smoke up and out of your home. If it’s not working properly these gases can back up into your home. When this happens it creates unsafe levels of carbon monoxide.

The other issue is if the heat isn’t vented out of your home it could cause a fire within your home. For this reason alone, you’ll need to take any chimney concerns you have seriously.  When you do have chimney repair work done it’s essential that it’s completed by a professional. You want to rest easy at night knowing your chimney is performing at its best.

Consider chimney repair work when you have a buildup of creosote oil. Creosote oil is the byproduct of burning wood below 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  With more time to cool the creosote condenses and builds up further.  It forms a hard, glass-like coating on the inside of your chimney.  It can also be found in the form of soot that can affect your chimney. The buildup of this matter restricts air flow slowing the smoke on the way out.

Chimney Repair Keeps You Safe

To avoid damage to your home and especially your safety, have your chimney cleaned each year. Creosote needs removal so your chimney works as it should. Regular cleaning prevents buildup and blockages.

Check to ensure the flue is functioning without any damage. The flue pipe is critical to your chimney. It works to expel gases and smoke outside the house. This way it prevents indoor air pollution which is necessary for your safety.

The damper is a metal piece that generally is on top of the fireplace and before the flue. There is a lever to pull that opens the damper. By opening or closing it you control the air entering or smoke escaping. This component of your fireplace tolerates heat from fire without breaking.

Chimney repair work is best done by specialists. You may be able to do this work yourself. While you could save money there is a bigger concern. Have you done the work to the satisfaction that you will not jeopardize your safety?  If you doubt this than seek out professional guidance. A fire place is wonderful to have in your home.  You’ll want to enjoy its cozy warmth without worrying about you or your family’s safety.

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