When Is The Best Time To Install Your Roof?

At North Shore Roofing, we like our clients to be informed on when the best time of year it is for roof installations. Weather can play a factor in choosing the perfect time. Our roofing contractors work year-round so they’re available whenever you need an installation or repair. We understood most homeowners like to wait to replace or repair their roofs until the last possible minute.

Planning ahead is important when considering an installation or repair. A homeowner or business owner can face the hassle of scheduling a time to fit in the work. There are important questions to ask. What time of year is best? Are the prices cheaper during a certain season?

Peak Roofing Season

Late summer to early fall is the busiest time of year for roof installations. Wait times can be up to a month because it can get so busy. It’s important as a homeowner and business owner that you plan ahead to schedule a time for your installation before we are booked for the busy season.

The reason this is the busy time of year is become rainy season has ended. The days are cooler which helps our contractors work more comfortably as opposed to the dead of summer. Our main concern is to keep your roof dry. In Boston especially, we understand weather can be unpredictable.

Since it’s the busy time of year, our rates may increase. Here at North Shore Roofing we want our customers to get the best deal, so we encourage to schedule your installation in the Spring.

Winter Roof Replacement

At North Shore Roofing, one advantage to installing your roof in the winter is that you have more options. This is our “slow” time of year, so when installing shingles warranties do not change based on the temperature. The same warranty is offered just like any time of year. The only downside to installing during the winter is that shingles need thermal sealing which could take longer in the colder months. A positive take is that our pricing material is cheaper in the winter months.

Summer Roof Replacement

Summer is the busiest time of year for our company. There is a downside to shingle installation however. In the summer shingles can get damaged easier if not careful with the nail gun. Nails in summer months can go through the shingles like butter. Our contractors are careful when adjusting pressure in their nail guns.

Again, the best way to getting a roof installation is to plan ahead. If you’re anticipating that the life of your roof is running out, don’t hesitate. Schedule your installation early to secure a spot on our schedule. North Shore Roofing provides consultations so we can schedule your contract signing, with pricing for materials and labor.

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