Waterproofing Your Homes Chimney

One of the most important things you can do to protect your home’s chimney is to ensure it is properly waterproofed. However, many homeowners are unaware of why they should care about how waterproof their chimney is. After all, it is made out of solid materials such as brick and stone. Let’s talk about why you should care about your chimney’s waterproofing and what you can do to help.

Your Chimneys Biggest Threat

However, though durable, a chimney is actually quite vulnerable to damage from moisture. Over time rain and ice can greatly reduce the life of your chimney, causing considerable damage to its structure and potentially the rest of your home. This can cost a lot of money in repairs.

Healthy Mortar

Your chimneys mortar is far less durable than its masonry, and given time, it will begin to flake and decay. Once it starts to decay, mortar is prone to absorbing moisture, and this can do a great deal of damage to the surrounding structure.

During the cold season, moisture trapped within the mortar can freeze, forcing the mortar to expand, and then once it warms up, such as if you use the chimney, it will contract. This will often begin to crack masonry and, with time, can potentially even lead to a complete collapse of the chimney.

So, it is important to have your mortar treated as soon as decay begins. A professional repair can use a technique referred to as “tuckpointing” to remove decaying mortar and replace it with fresh material. This does not necessitate removing masonry at all.

Chimney Cap

A good chimney cap on top of your chimney is the most basic tool to keep moisture out of your chimney and one of the most critical as well. A chimney cap keeps rain, snow, and hail from falling into your chimney. Also, many provide a mesh frame that keeps animals and debris from getting in as well. Sometimes over time, these devices can weaken and get blown off by harsh weather, so keep an eye out for if your chimney is ever missing its cap and have it replaced right away.

Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is a ring of sheet metal that forms a watertight seal between your chimney and your adjoining roof. This metal is thin and, with time, prone to rusting and warpage. The moment this happens, water can find its way through, leading to leaks into your chimney and home.

This can cause damage to your roof and chimney. So, the moment you spot leaks, particularly around your chimney, this may be the cause. Make sure to call for a professional inspection and repair fast to prevent further damage.

Final Thoughts

Nothing will help extend the life of your chimney more than ensuring it is protected from moisture. A good job of waterproofing will ensure your chimney will continue to hold warm fires worry-free for years to come.

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