Top Residential Roofing Trends For Homes In 2020

Now that the holidays are past and spring is in sight, you are likely thinking about the top residential roofing trends for your home in 2020. With innovative advancements in design strategies and roofing technology, it’s the perfect time to think about a roof replacement. Here are a few top trends for the coming year that North Shore Roofing can help you accomplish.

  1. Sustainable Roofs

As sustainable rooftops become more popular, industry insiders are developing new designs and skillsets to boost popularity, from energy efficiency to stormwater retention systems that are benefiting entire neighborhoods. Designs like green roofs also promote cleaner air and reduce harmful air pollution in industrial or urban areas.

Property owners are also more knowledgeable about roofing materials and designs and are opting for communal solar power panels and sustainable roofs over aesthetics because of social responsibility. Sustainable roofs also utilize versatile building materials such as vegetation that prevent leaks, wear-and-tear, and structural damage.

  1. Flat Roofs

Architecture is changing rapidly in the residential and commercial construction industry, so property owners are opting for flat roofs over more traditional styles. In the past, flat roofs were seen as minimalistic, but now they are being seen as versatile. Here are a few smart reasons to pick a flat roof design to benefit your entire family.

A flat roof equates to having additional land. It’s all about what you want to do with it. You can create a cozy lounge with a beautiful rooftop or moonlit view that will be the envy of all your family and friends. The flat surface is also perfect for a garden as the plants will soak up all the rainwater and bloom quickly from the direct sunlight.

  1. Solar Roofs With Powerwalls

As America’s electric grids experience routine blackouts, more property owners are investing in solar energy. Homeowners are quickly finding out that they don’t retain power when grids are offline. Direct grid connectivity is a positive resource for power companies, but for the homeowner, it must work in outages to be a sound investment.

Homeowners are now starting to invest in solar panels on rooftops with a powerwall to store enough energy to ensure they do not lose power during grid outages. This change in 2020 will ensure that your family is protected 24/7. If it is time for a roof replacement, you should think about converting your flat roof to a solar panel rooftop.

  1. Metal Roofs

Industry insiders predict metal will be used in about a fifth of new construction in 2020. It is durable, practical, and easy to maintain. Not only is metal material affordable, but it will cut heating and cooling costs. Metal roofing material also reflects UV rays, so it’ll make home coolers in summer and well-insulated in winter.

  1. Asphalt Roofs

You’re probably thinking asphalt roofs have never gone out of style. You’re right in that sense as it is one of the most popular roofing materials industry-wide. What is changing is asphalt colors. The 2020 asphalt color of the year is Pacific Wave, so more homeowners will want this blue and light gray shingle aesthetic for curb appeal.

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