Tips to Safeguard Your Roof

A roof serves a valuable role in maintaining and protecting the structure of your home.  The underlayment offers support and protection from water while providing insulation from the extreme heat of the summer.  A good roof helps keep your home cool and reduces your energy bills.  The asphalt shingles reflect the sun’s rays and allow for proper drainage when summer storms threaten the area.  With proper attention and maintenance your roof will stand up against the elements and preserve the value of your home.  So how can you be sure your roof is getting the care it needs?  Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways to care for your roof.

Spring cleaning:  If you haven’t done so, the warm days of summer are a great time to grab a ladder and clean out your gutters.  Clear debris blockages from the gutters and downspouts and make sure your downspouts are draining away from your home.  This will prevent the need for water damage remediation.

Look for damage:  After a harsh winter, damage to shingles can reduce the effectiveness of your roof.  Look for crumbling shingles, missing shingles, and discoloration.  This can key you in to potential problems that may result in leaks.

Request an evaluation:  Call North Shore Roofing to evaluate your roof.  Our professionals have the expertise and industry knowledge to provide you with an expert analysis of the condition of your roof.  Regular maintenance and repairs by our experts keep your roof in the best shape.

Tree trimming:  Trees and tall shrubbery love the spring and early summer months as they soak up fresh rain and come out of their dormant state.  Trim back branches that touch the roof or gutters in order to prevent them rubbing on and damaging shingles.

Look up:  Inside your home, a quick way to check for roof damage is to inspect your ceilings and interior walls for evidence of water.  Dark areas, bubbling sheetrock, and discoloration are indicators that your roof is failing.  Make sure to check your attic ceiling and floors for water.

A good roof is vital for maintaining your home and its protection.  By the time you notice water damage on the inside of your house; rot and mildew may already have become a problem.  By staying on top of your roof maintenance, you can ensure that you catch roof problems early.  Add a quick roof check to your summer to-do list and extend the lifetime of your roof.   If heights are an issue, or you would rather have a professional inspect your roof, call North Shore Roofing at 978-977-3816.  We will look at your flashing, shingle condition, and roof structure to determine what repairs are needed.

More information is available on our Facebook page.  Our team of dedicated roofing professionals in North Boston and the surrounding suburbs can make sure your home is well-protected.