The Pros and Cons of Winter Roof Repair

Some things can wait, but roof repair is hardly ever one of them. I’m sure you’ve heard it’s impossible to repair or replace a roof in the winter. While it’s less than optimal, let’s face it: There’s never a “good time” for home repair.

Good timing or not, some things just can’t wait. If your roof has been damaged or has other issues, it’s rarely a good idea to put it off for warmer weather. What starts as a small problem can quickly grow into a larger one.

It’s not all bad news. As with anything, there are several pros and cons to winter roof repairs.

The Pros

  • Off-Season Pricing: If you think winter isn’t the right time for roof work, turns out you’re not alone. In fact, winter is often the “off-season” for roofing companies. Take advantage of this lull in business, as many places offer discounted pricing to drum up business.
  • Renewed Confidence: If you’ve ever questioned the stability of your home’s roof, you know it can make it hard to sleep at night. Sleep easy knowing your roof has been repaired.
  • Energy Efficient: A damaged roof can lead to heat escaping and a hefty energy bill. Make sure your roof is sealed properly and keep the heat in the house and your cash in your pocket.

The Cons

  • Longer process: If you have shingles that need to be replaced, the colder weather can make this a little more difficult. The adhesives used for a shingle roof need heat to set, which is lacking in the winter.
  • Holiday Schedules: Holidays are a busy time of year for everyone. Finding a time that works for you, without interrupting any family celebrations, can be a challenge.
  • More hazardous for roofers: Winter conditions make the roof a dangerous place to be.

The Bottom Line

If you notice a roof issue, no matter how big or small, call the professionals at North Shore Roofing. Even if it looks like something can wait, make the call.

A small problem on your roof can quickly turn into a major issue. Melting snow, ice, and strong winter winds find their way into the smallest of cracks and crevices. Little leaks become big leaks overnight.

No matter the problem, let North Shore Roofing evaluate it. We can get your roof back into tip-top shape, even in the coldest of winters.

North Shore Roofing has been serving the greater Boston area since 1995. We pride ourselves on superior work and customer satisfaction. For all your roofing needs, give us a call at 978-977-3816 or visit our Facebook page. We’ll help keep your family warm, safe, and dry all winter long.