The Cost of Ignoring Commercial Roofing Repairs

When it comes to the cost of doing business, there is always an invoice waiting to get paid. It can be tricky when needing repairs if you think it is a minor issue. We know from experience that hard-earned revenue doesn’t equate to having a big maintenance budget. The problem with putting off small repairs is they turn into costlier ones. Here is the cost of ignoring commercial roofing repairs.

  1. The Damage Will Get Worse

Some business owners think that since the roof is not yet leaking or it looks okay from the outside that a commercial roofing repair can be put off until the budget allows for it. The problem with it is that the damage will only get worse with time. What could have been an inexpensive repair would then become an expensive and time-sensitive problem that might not allow for you to put it off anymore. You could also experience costlier business disruption like inventory losses or employee health hazards. Why cost a business more when you could save with a repair?

  1. Insurance Companies Will Not Pay For Non-Maintained Commercial Roofs

When a business makes an insurance claim, companies tend to look for faults to avoid paying for commercial roofing repairs. Negligence is often used to prevent having to pay a claim. If the damage is weather or accident-related, you should try to make the repairs as soon as it occurs because it could lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses after your insurance claim is denied.

  1. A Bad Roof Puts Your Workplace & Customers In Danger

As a business owner, you likely have safety protocols to avoid the workplace and customer dangers. A damaged roof can pose all sorts of hazards from customer slips and falls to the loss of assets like inventory and office or warehouse equipment. After a good rainstorm, water can make its way into the structure of a building, which is going to lead to structural damage.  Your employees will also suffer from roof damage exposure since it causes serious health conditions. When the staff is sick, it greatly reduces the ability to concentrate on daily workplace tasks.

  1. Your Operation Costs Will Increase Significantly

Why flush money down the drain by putting off your commercial roofing needs? A damaged roof is going to cause your operation costs to soar as your energy bills will increase because it is more difficult to heat or cool your building. If you have damage, you will have to pay to buy new inventory or replace building material like structural elements, electric lines, or insulation.

  1. It Will Lead To An Early Commercial Roofing Replacement

Putting off repairs can lead to a reduction in a roof’s expected lifespan. It can also lead to early commercial roofing replacement needs when the damage gets worse. This is going to cause significant out-of-pocket repair or replacement costs, which is likely the reason you put off the repairs in the first place. If you need some options, call us at North Shore Roofing and ask about our repair and payment options. You’ll find that by letting our experts inspect your commercial roof, we can create an estimate that will define the problem as well as the overall repair costs.

If you are unsure of what to do or where to turn, give us a call at (978) 977-3816 or visit  We will not only come out for commercial roofing inspections, but we will provide free estimates. There are also things that industry experience has taught us that a business owner wouldn’t know, such as warranty, insurance, or financing options.