Your home’s roof is designed to protect your house and your family from the elements.  It is essential that it functions as the first line of defense against water and wind damage.  Water comes in many forms; rain, snow, sleet and ice can all damage your roof.  To keep water from causing damage, your roof needs to be in good repair.

But, it’s not just shingles that make up your roof.  Let’s take a look at the components that make up your home’s covering.  We’ll start at the bottom layer and work our way to the top.

  1.  To keep water from causing damage, plywood is fastened to your home’s structure.  If your roof is well-vented, and your shingles are in good shape, your plywood will remain in good condition.  A poorly-ventilated roof or one with extensive weather damage may be in need of new plywood if water has seeped under the roof’s layers and caused water or mold damage.
  2. Water and Ice Protectors are laid on top of the plywood to ensure water doesn’t get to the plywood. Generally, this layer is applied where water penetration is most likely, such as the valleys and ridges of your roof.  Sometimes flashing or a drip edge is installed as well.
  3. Underlayment is installed over the water barrier. It is typically rolled onto the roof and acts as another layer of protection.
  4. Shingles and starter shingles are installed next. Starter shingles provide a sealed edge to the roof as well as act as a starting point to the rest of your shingles.
  5. Ridge caps cover the areas where shingles meet like the peaks of your roof.
  6. Flashing is then installed around your vents, chimney, and pipes to ensure water doesn’t find a way underneath your layers of defense.

When all these parts come together, you have a well-functioning roof that will protect your home from sustaining water damage.

If you’ve noticed water spots on your ceiling or on your walls, then perhaps it’s time for a new roof.  A reputable company understands these components and is certified in the installation process.  At North Shore Roofing, our extensive training and certifications reflect in our process.  We know how important it is to install a roof correctly while causing the least amount of disruption in your daily life.

Give our office a call if you have questions pertaining to your roofing project or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment to have your roof evaluated.  Our experts can inspect your roof so you’ll understand what improvements or changes need to be made.  You’ll have the best shingles and roofing products at the most affordable prices when you work with us.

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