The Advantages of a High-Slope Roof

Every home is unique, and that goes for its roofing system as well. However, you may have noticed that most sloped roofs come with a steep pitch, and there are good reasons for this, including the improved drainage and ventilation. The slope of a roof is one of the most important choices a homeowner can make to guarantee the future of their home, so let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of a high slope roofing system.

Rainwater Drains Well

Pooled water is one of the biggest threats to a roofing system, but with a high-pitched roof, this threat is unlikely to occur. Due to the steep slope, water is quickly directed toward gutters and channeled away from the home. This leaves no chance for puddles to form, reducing the chances of leaks forming and extending the roof’s service life.

Prevents Snow Buildup

With a high pitch roof, snow has difficulty resting on the sides and building up. Once snow builds up in any significant amount, the snow will simply roll off the side, reducing the possibility for ice dams to form. In turn, this means less moisture and chances for leaks to form. This is part of why sloped roofing systems feature far more prominently in colder areas.

No Debris Accumulation

For the same reason as snow cannot accumulate, neither can debris, and this is great for preventing gutter clogging as well. With low slope roofs, debris will often sit and slowly run down into the gutter resulting in the need for regular cleaning to prevent clogs and flooding. With high slope roofing systems, debris will generally be blown away, preventing buildup.

Improved Ventilation

With steep roofs, there is more room inside the roof and, as a result, more space for ventilation. This means more potential to install ventilation and insulation systems and improve airflow. This means dryer materials that will last longer, and due to the improved insulation, you may reduce your energy bills as well.

More Space

With the greater amount of space inside a steeply sloped roof, there are many more opportunities to take advantage of the room. Whether it is for storage or even living space, the extra space that a steeply sloped roof provides can be fantastic for adding some room to your home.

Longer Lasting

With less moisture on the inside and outside of the roofing system and less debris to wear on it, a steeply sloped roofing system will generally last significantly longer. This is good for both your peace of mind and your wallet.

Final Thoughts

A high slope roof offers a number of benefits, and it is easy to see why most homeowners choose them. With reduced moisture, longer service lives, and the space they can add to your home, there is a lot to like about high slope roofing systems.

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