Summer Storms and Your Roof

Summer is fast approaching and with it storm season.  While a gentle rain and colorful rainbow are most desirable, more often than not, we get high-velocity winds, hurricane warnings, hail, and more.  June marks the start of hurricane season in the Atlantic and with it comes the potential for damage to your property.

A common damage-prone area of your home is your roof.  It acts as a hard hat or bike helmet to your home; protecting that of which is important to you.  When your roof is compromised by summer storms, the structure can weaken and become less reliable.  At North Shore Roofing, we work to protect you and your family by providing repairs to your roof or replacing the roof when repairs will no longer work.  The same holds true for commercial roofs.  Storms take unpredictable paths and don’t care about what is in their way.  After a storm, cleanup is key, so here are some tips on what to do after a storm.

  1. If you sustain hail damage, document the event as much as possible. This provides evidence that hail occurred so your insurance company can’t dispute the claim.  A quick video when hail occurs is helpful as are pictures of the hail…just don’t step out into the storm.  Pictures through a window will be sufficient.   Take pictures of the hail alongside a ruler if possible.  Then, once the storm has passed, carefully inspect your roof for damage.  Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable climbing on your roof, North Shore Roofing can inspect your commercial or residential property for damage.
  2. Debris is another roof hazard after a storm. Leaves and twigs will fill your gutters and prevent proper drainage.  A blockage in draining will cause water to find another way out.  It may seep into the eaves and down your siding.  It may back up on your roof and find a pinpoint hole and leak into your attic.  Clear your gutters and remove any twigs and branches that have landed on your roof.  Check for loose shingles and compromised flashing around vents and your chimney.
  3. Call a professional. North Shore Roofing understands the headaches associated with roof maintenance after a storm.  Even if the storm damage is not covered by insurance, damage from the elements may simply wear down your shingles after a while.  When a repair is no longer effective to maintain your roof, call our team to replace your roof.

The important thing to remember after any storm is to inspect your roof.  North Shore Roofing handles storm damage inspections of commercial and residential properties and has the tools and equipment, along with over 30 years of experience to properly repair your roof.  Call us at 978-977-3816 or follow us on Facebook for more tips on caring for your roof.

Don’t let summer storms get the best of you.  Protect your investment by maintaining your roof and property.  You’ll avoid costly water damage repairs and extend the life of your roof.