Signs Your Skylight Needs Repairs

A skylight can add an amazing atmosphere to any home. The light they bring in can highlight the beauty of any home. But, if your home’s skylight is in need of repairs, this can not only lead to a loss in the potential a skylight can offer your home but also potentially significant damage to your home.

Unfortunately, accessing a skylight can naturally be difficult, and this makes diagnosing when your skylight is in need of repairs difficult. Though difficult, there are some signs homeowners can use to determine if repairs are needed.

Ceiling Leaks

When leaks develop around your skylight, this can appear in the form of bubbles in the paint, stains, and even visible drops of water. These leaks can cause damage to roofing materials and require serious repairs if not solved quickly.

In order to determine if a leak has occurred, check the surrounding flashing to determine if it needs to be replaced. The roofer will also check the state of the surrounding roofing materials to check if they have been damaged and are in need of replacement.


If you are noticing drafts in your home or a suspiciously higher than normal heating or cooling bill, then your skylight may be at fault. One common sign is also if the room in question feels hotter or colder than the rest of your home.

The solution to this issue is for your professional roofer to replace the seals around the skylight’s glass and, if necessary, replace the existing glass with a new UV-resistant pane. Remember not to attempt to simply apply a layer of caulk to improve the seal. This rarely solves the issue and can make replacing the actual seal much more difficult and costly down the line.

Apparent Damage or Condensation

If the glass has apparent cracks, then these need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Skylights are designed to support a particular load in order to withstand a buildup of snow and rain.

If the glass has been damaged, then this can compromise the entire skylight’s ability to support a load. If the glass shatters, this can lead to severe damage to your home and potential injuries to anyone below.

When condensation builds up inside of glass panes, this indicates that either the flashing or seal around the glass has failed. This allows moisture to enter and potentially lead to mold and mildew issues, in addition to the damage to the structural integrity of the surrounding materials.

Final Thoughts

A skylight can be a wonderful addition to any home, but just like any part of your roof, it will eventually require maintenance. If your skylight is showing any of these signs, don’t waste any time in having a professional roofer inspect and repair it, so you’ll be able to continue enjoying your skylight for years to come.

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