Signs You Need Chimney Repair Because Of Foundation Issues

When homeowners think of chimney repair, they often relate them to fireplace structural components or rooftop accessibility, but the foundation can also affect it as well. Here are a few critical things we tend to look for when inspecting your home for maintenance and repair needs.

  1. Chimney Formation Inclining

One of the simplest ways to check for chimney issues is to look for any structural inclining. Unfortunately, a leaning chimney is a sign of more serious foundational issues that can cause the bricks to break apart, fall inward, or separate from permanent structural elements.

Seasonal weather can also affect the foundation and chimney footing´s stability. Inadequate soil quality, erosion, rain saturation, wintry weather, and spring thaws can all cause the foundation to weaken and affect the chimney footing as well as the solidity of materials.

Inclining is a serious safety concern to the home´s occupants. If you detect instability, you will want to have our chimney repair professionals inspect it as soon as possible. One way to stabilize this type of issue is by installing a helical pier system to strengthen the chimney.

  1. Cracks In Chimney Footing

Cracks can occur for several reasons, including poor construction, improper installation, inclement weather, or foundation volatility. Chimney repair is achievable with any one of these issues, but it becomes more serious when the foundation is badly affected as well.

If the cracks are in the footing and not too severe, repairmen may use silicone caulk or cement to patch them. If the cracks are in the chimney wall, we often use materials like hydraulic cement to patch any masonry cracks or gaps in the chimney´s surface areas.

  1. Lower Chimney & Foundation Separation

Separation can occur because of several foundation problems. Several common issues we see are footing size or soil depth. The footing´s sizing supports a chimney´s stability while the soil depth affects permanence. If not properly installed, it can lead to structural failure.

If a chimney is not maintained properly, the lower part of the chimney will separate from the foundation. An affordable way to fix the problem is by temporarily using metal fasteners, mortar, or caulking to insulate the gap between the chimney and the home.

While it is possible to use these techniques to mend the chimney´s separation as a short-term solution, it will require a more permanent resolution to ensure the stability of your home and chimney. We highly advise resolving it completely to avoid more damage.

Chimney Repair Solutions

At North Shore Roofing, we don´t take a one-size-fits-all approach to chimney repair because every home construction is different. We start every chimney repair call with a thorough inspection so that we understand the extent of the problem and can offer a specialized solution to foundational issues.

We also use the best commercial equipment and current technological advancements in our evaluations to ensure your chimney is secure, balanced, and working as it was constructed to do.

If you notice your chimney leaning, cracking, or separating, call our office today at (978) 977-3816 or you can visit our Facebook page at any time.