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Rubber Roofing

North Shore Roofing specializes in installing rubber roofing to North Boston residential and commercial properties. We cater to industrial buildings, churches, warehouses, mobile homes, multi-family residential units, and single residential homes. Whatever your flat roof needs, you can be sure our team of qualified experts has you covered.

Residential rubber roofing

Low-slope or flat-roofed residential homes benefit from rubber roofing solutions. Mobile homes, dome homes, and house with a low slope line receive the best coverage and protection from any of our rubber roofing products and solutions. The rubber roof membranes are mechanically fastened or adhered to the roof typically, and occasionally installed with stone ballast.

We provide flat rubber roof replacement solutions, flat roof repairs, and rubber roof installation services in order to protect and secure your property.

Commercial rubber roofing

Commercial buildings with a flat or low-sloped roof are best protected via a rubber roofing service from North Shore Roofing. Our installation experts professional install or repair your rubber roof paying close attention to maintenance hatches, pipes, HVAC systems, and more. Flashing is handled with the utmost care so that leaks are prevented and your property protected.

A commercial rubber roofing solution offers energy-efficient performance, minimal maintenance and upkeep, and keeps your property looking professional; retaining its value. We provide affordable rubber roofing services that won’t disrupt your business or your tenants. Great care is taken to work cleanly and safely so that customers, employees, and building occupants are not burdened.

Flat Roof Repair

Our commercial and residential flat roof services prevent ponding and improper drainage by evaluating drainage areas and taking proper steps to control the water flow off your roof. Flood roofing utilizes tapered insulation; a process that builds up a slight slope so water flows away from your property. Ponding decreases the effectiveness of your roof and leads to water damage problems down the road. With proper installation, your residential or commercial rubber roof is protected from the risk of water threats.

Flood roofing can repair a sunken area of a flat rubber roof or be a part of our replacement roof process. In addition to tapered insulation, we look to roof seams, drains, HVAC systems, and vents to ensure their flashing is intact and properly sealed.

Quality Guarantee

Flexibility, reliability, and superior quality ensure that your next roof or roof repair is in the hands of the best Boston roofing company. We stand behind our products and services with the industries best guarantees. Call our team to learn more about our workmanship guarantee and product warranties.