Roofing Installation Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring

Have you ever sat down with a contractor to go over your free estimate only to freeze up and wonder what else you should be asking?  At North Shore Roofing, we’ve helped homeowners make smart, informed roofing decisions for over 20 years.  Here are 5 questions that can help you understand the other questions you should ask a contractor in addition to the basic questions regarding the company’s certifications, licenses, and references.

  1. Will all of my roofing materials be from the same company?
    Think about it.  Manufacturers create their roofing components to work with one another.  That means your roof will function best when your contractor uses the materials from the same business.
  1. Are there any building codes that I need to know about?
    Every city and state has building codes or recommendations that you need to consider.  Some areas, like the Northeast, specify what kind of underlayment your roof needs.
  1. Where will the flashing be installed?
    Like question #2, city codes dictate what areas need flashing.  Typically, flashing needs to be installed wherever the roof and wall intersect, where the slope changes, around all openings on the roof, and by the gutters.
  1. What performance requirements do my shingles need to carry for my region?
    Shingles have fire, wind, and impact resistant ratings.  Depending on you live, you may need higher rating shingles.  For instance, in New England, we get a lot of wind, especially near the coast.  Make sure the material you choose is right for your area.
  1. How do you install the drip edge and where?
    The drip edge helps water run off your roof and into your gutters.  The drip edge needs to hang over the edge of your roof by ¼ of an inch.  The drip edge should be installed along the entire roof of your home as well as the gables and other areas where your roof design changes.

When you understand the components of your roof and how your roofing contractor will handle the installation, you’ll have peace of mind that the job will be performed to your standards.  You’ll get the best protection for your home and a worthwhile investment.

Your roof is nothing to skimp on, and it can seem like a big expense, but at North Shore Roofing, we’ve taken out the middle man.  We work directly with the manufacturers to get factory pricing on quality roofing products.  We carry top of the line products that will keep your home looking its best and with the highest protection from the elements.  Let us provide you with an estimate and evaluation and answer your questions so you can make an informed decision for the right roofing contractor.

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