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A roof contributes to the ‘wow’ factor of your home. It’s a part of the first impression that visitors see; a compliment to your immaculately-kept landscape and house. If your roof is in need of replacement, it can affect the entire picture. You and your family deserve the best view of your hard work each time you pull into your driveway. A roof replacement in Boston can help you complete the curb appeal you’ve worked hard to achieve.

North Shore Roofing residential roofing services will turn your home into a spectacular vision.  With our wide variety of shingle colors and the industry’s top brands, you’re sure to find a solution that fits your budget.   Our decades of experience and knowledge allow us to professionally evaluate your roof; we know when your roof is salvageable and when a new roof is necessary.   Our team will walk you through the aspects of our roof evaluation and proposal so you can make a well-informed decision that benefits your home and your wallet.

From the initial roof evaluation to project completion, our professional installers work safe and clean.  We protect your property and your family in order to avoid disrupting your lives as much as possible.  Bushes and greenery are covered, debris is removed daily, and your property is walked at the end of each day to ensure stray nails and staples are safely contained.

Our residential roofing solutions include:

Asphalt shingles

Low slope roof replacements

Architectural high-pitched replacements

3-Tab shingles

Ice & water barrier installation


Chimney re-leading & re-pointing

Chimney waterproofing & re-flashing

Roof ventilation

A home with a new roof put on by a residential roofer serving Danvers, MA

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When considering replacing your roof, understanding the role it plays is essential. A roof is the hard-hat of your home. It protects what is most precious to you; your family. It also helps insulate your home, thus lowering your energy bills. A damaged roof effects not only how your house functions, but its value, as well.

At North Shore Roofing, we pay attention to the details so your home is both cosmetically appealing and well-protected. The smallest flaw can create a large-scale problem. Let our industry knowledge and careful planning ensure your roof is properly installed and your home properly protected.

Quality Guarantee

Flexibility, reliability, and superior quality ensure that your next roof or roof repair is in the hands of the best Boston roofing company. We stand behind our products and services with the industries best guarantees. Call our team to learn more about our workmanship guarantee and product warranties.