Ready To Winterize Your Roof For The Fall And Winter Weather? Call The Experts!

Those warm Massachusetts days are almost behind us as fall is around the corner and students are already back to school. Now what? It is time to get your roof ready for the fall and winter weather that is just around the corner. Here are three things you should do to prepare your roof.

  1. Get Your Gutters And Downspouts Cleaned

Spring and summer brought lots of rain which filled your gutter and downspouts with debris. Now that fall is almost here, failure to clean them will cause your roof to pool water because of overflow which will put pressure on your roof, siding, and trim. Pooling causes a collapse in the roof which will lead to leaks that contribute to health issues after mold or mildew deteriorates roofing material.

Our North Shore Roofing specialists provide maintenance to remove any leaves, debris, or pine needles from the gutters and surrounding areas as this is one of the most probable areas where your roof will retain moisture. While there, we will also evaluate your roof and consult with you on ice and water barrier installation.

  1. Evaluate Your Roof For Needed Repairs

First take a look for any unstable, missing, or damaged shingles. You will also need to pay attention to mold, mildew, or moss as it deteriorates shingles. If you live in an area that is prone to storms, you should also look for damage since tree limbs or blowing debris can put holes or tears in roofing material. A general rule of thumb is to hire a professional for an inspection at a minimum of once a year. Not only will it provide security but they can make repairs after an inspection.

  1. Check The Attic For Insulation

A poorly insulated attic is notorious for a home’s rise in heating costs. It will also contribute to ice dams when heat rises and heats your attic. The heat will cause the ice and snow on the roof to melt. When the outside temperatures drop in the evening, the water will refreeze and form icicles that damage shingles or gutters. It will also cause leaks which will find its way to the inside of a home.

To insulate your home’s attic, start with a sealant for holes, hatches, or exhaust fans. You need to buy insulation, drywall, or stripping to weatherize or you can call our professionals to ensure you are ready for whatever mother nature brings.

You also need to check for proper attic ventilation to ensure the roof’s underside remains cold. It will neutralize the attic’s temperatures and keep snow on the roof from melting and then refreezing. It also helps to prevent water vapor and condensation from forming both from internal and external sources. If you fail to ventilate properly, moisture will damage your insulation, drywall, and roof deck.

When you take care of the seasonal issues, it will be easier to maintain and protect your roof. Contact us at (978) 977-3816 or at, or visit us on Facebook.