North Shore Roofing Chimney Repair

Here at North Shore Roofing, we’ve been conducting chimney repairs for 30 years. We know how important it is to keep your chimney in great working condition. Chimneys function to draw away smoke and gases out of your home. If your chimney has the slightest crack, it can leak any heat in the walls surrounding it, thus causing damage to your home’s structure, or even causing a fire. It’s important that any problems you experience with your chimney be repaired early on.

Why Repairing Your Chimney is Important

We know that when it comes to chimney repairs, it’s something that can be easily overlooked with hectic schedules. Many of us use our chimneys with rarely thinking that we need to clean them.

Release of Toxins. The main goal we have here at North Shore Roofing is to safely repair any faults within your chimney. If your chimney is backed up or in need of any repairs, the smoke releases back into your home. This could allow toxins into your home such as carbon monoxide and gases.

Chimney Caps. A chimney gap is located at the top of your chimney. The cap is to perform two functions: keeping animals out of your chimney and also prevents any flames from burning the roof of your home. If your chimney cap is in need of repair and hasn’t been fixed, it can create a fire hazard to your home and disperse flames onto your roof.

Produces Weak Fires. Our trained employees at North Shore Roofing want your chimney to work to its full ability. A fully functional chimney allows for air circulation, therefore creating those big warm fires. If it does not work properly, your burner will produce fires that are weak. Contact us to get a consultation today.

Our Chimney Repair Services

The wear and tear your chimney can take over the years can be in need of repairs. North Shore Roofing consists of a team that is here to provide you with quality services.

Re-flashing. Some of the most common repairs focus on damages from the weather on chimney flashing. Our chimney services can repair the flashes that are damaging your chimney. This would create a sealed chimney and eliminate any risk to seep into your home. Here at North Shore Roofing, we have the highest standards.

Repairing or Rebuilding. A lot of times when clients are in the market for a new roof, they overlook the chimney. We handle old and new flashing repairs so your chimney can avoid problems down the road. Using a liquid solution that is waterproof, we protect your home and material.

Demolition. At North Shore Roofing, we also offer chimney demolition services to any customers who are residential and commercial. Your chimney is demolished and then rebuilt so the integrity of it’s structure is not compromised. We provide a safe work area that protects your family or employees of your building. Demolition of a chimney allows you to replace your chimney with only the finest to compliment your home.

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