Need A Chimney Repair? Benefits Of Repointing A Chimney Brick Wall

Quality-made brick chimneys tend to last for over a century, but over time, the mortar in the walls degrade and require chimney repair. Of course, if your last repair company used low-quality materials, you might require it only after a few years. If you are noticing deteriorating mortar, it’s the perfect time to learn more about the benefits of repointing a chimney brick wall.

How Do I Know If My Chimney Needs Repointing?

It is first important to point out that if your brick chimney is not repaired, water leakage will flow through any porous material and cause mortar damage that will destabilize the structure and cause cracking and swelling to occur. Here are tell-tale signs that you need a chimney repair.

  1. Rusty Firebox Or Damper: Rust in the fireplace is a clear indicator of moisture.
  2. Spalling Brickwork: Moisture will cause spalling brickwork damage that will collapse.
  3. Fractured Chimney Top: Your chimney crown is vital as it protects your chimney and fireplace mechanisms from moisture and damage. If the top is not in optimal condition, your chimney is not defending your fireplace from mortar spalling and liner shaling.
  4. Shaling Flue Liner: The liner protects your chimney structure from heat and determines the intake and outtake of airflow. If you notice fissures in the liner, it is from shaling.
  5. Deteriorating Masonry Mortar Joints: If your mortar joints are in decline, it’s only a matter of time before a serious failure will occur because of chimney structural integrity. If you do not call for a chimney repair, it will continue to deteriorate until it collapses.

How Do You Repoint A Chimney?

Weather fluctuations greatly affect how quickly chimney damage happens. Repointing your chimney is all about routine maintenance to reinforce it and keep components working well. When our chimney experts arrive, we take a methodical approach to chimney repair repointing, including removing the mortar sectionally, cleaning the wall, and mixing and applying new mortar. We also confirm chimney working conditions and clean up debris as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Repoint A Brick Chimney?

As this sort of chimney repair requires removing the old mortar and replacing it, the cost to repoint a brick chimney is based on the square footage, labor costs, and material usage.  We already have the proper scaffolding and chimney repointing tools, which will save you money. You can request a quote online here or give our office a call to discuss how we will help you.

How Often Do Chimneys Need Repointing?

Repointing affects both the structural and aesthetic integrity of a chimney. While mortar maintenance requires a chimney repair every twenty to twenty-five years, repointing could add an additional fifty to one hundred years of shelf life onto the chimney brick lifespan. That is why quality masonry craftsmanship is necessary to uplift physical fortification and chimney appeal.

Choosing a reputable chimney repair company like North Shore Roofing will ensure your brick chimney stands the test of time because of quality craftsmanship. To learn more, give our office a call at (978) 977-3816 or learn more at