Looking To Rebuild Your Fireplace To Increase Your Home’s Value?

The fireplace is a focal point in any room which command’s a homeowner’s attention both in regard to the care and design concept. There is always added value when renovating or rebuilding your fireplace when whether is it just for aesthetics or for accessibility. Here are a few suggestions from our North Shore Roofing fireplace experts that you need to consider.

  1. Set A Budget

Never hire a company that lacks the experience as it will be costly and time-consuming. It will not only eat up your budget, but you will have to invest more in an experienced professional. When you renovate a fireplace, you will also need to set a realistic budget for demolition and to rebuild, repair, or install new materials.

  1. Select A Fuel Heating Method

If you are converting your fireplace for more efficient heating needs, you will want to consider modernizing your fireplace by upgrading your fuel choice. You have the option of wood-burning stoves, natural gas, ethanol, or electric which all have their benefits.

  1. Style Concept

When renovating and rebuilding your fireplace, you need to think about the style concept you want as it will affect the décor concept in your room. What design aesthetic are you going to use? Identifying a design era will help you choose the right décor elements.

  1. Do You Need A Mantel Or Hearth?

If you do not need a mantel, you may want to choose paneling, tile, or flagstone instead. That said, if you want to place a flat screen above your mantel, you will need a barrier to distribute your room’s heat away from what is above a fireplace.  You will also need to think about your hearth design. Do you want one that is level with your flooring or elevated so that it adds distinction to your room’s interior? It adds vision and prestige.

  1. Style Of Firebox

Your firebox design defines how much heat you will get as well as how much fuel it will take to heat a room. There are two common firebox styles: Masonry and Prefabricated.

  • Masonry

If you intend on rebuilding your fireplace using masonry, materials include stone, bricks, blocks, or mortar. This type of material is generally used for larger structures which add an aesthetic appeal to a room. It will also be a focal point that will add to your home’s value. Choosing masonry allows you creative design options that would not be possible when using a pre-fabricated metal firebox.

  • Prefabricated Metal

Prefabricated metal fireboxes are available in four styles: electric, gas, wood-burning, and propane. Do you want to heat your home with the flip of a switch or do you want a more authentic smell and feel when burning wood? Do you have the capabilities to store propane? Do you want to pay for gas utilities? Before rebuilding, these are the things you want to think about when choosing a metal firebox.

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