Looking To Buy A Home With A Fireplace? Here Are Three Tips To Help You Decide

For homebuyers in the Massachusetts area, a fireplace can be a bonus during hectic winter weather. It can also be an exciting addition which is why you should take your time when house hunting. While a warm, toasty fireplace promises plenty of warm nights for your family, it can also be a headache if you experience water leaks or windy drafts. Here are three important tips that will help you decide if a home with a fireplace is just what you want.

  1. Think About The Benefits And The Risks Of A Fireplace

It will help you decide if you want or need a fireplace by weighing the benefits against the risks. Did you put it on your must-haves list? Can your family do without it? How will it benefit you? Will the maintenance costs be a primary factor in your decision? Would major issues in fireplace structure be a deal breaker in your purchase? When you know what to expert and what your fireplace needs to have, it will significantly benefit your house search since you have the knowledge you need to identify potential issues.

  1. Always Obtain A Fireplace And Chimney Inspection Before Buying A Home

Did you know that poorly maintained fireplaces and chimneys are one of the top reasons for house fires? A poorly built and maintained fireplace can also lead to high repair bills that exceed your budget because of unexpected damage. Before buying a home, it is crucial to obtain a fireplace and chimney inspection so that you know what you are in for in regard to condition and maintenance needs. Using the expert services of North Shore Roofing also lets you know if there are code violations, repairs, or replacement needs because of deterioration. These problems make a house sale a higher risk to buyers.

  1. Think About The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home With Problems

When we complete a detailed fireplace and chimney inspection, you will have a clear idea of your potential fireplace’s worth. It is the ideal time to think about how the knowledge changes your home buying goals. Look over the inspection and costs to take into account every detail as it relates to possible changes in the home’s value.

There are three primary choices you can make:

  • If you really love the home and the fireplace is too expensive to repair, you can think about conversion to another heating source or leave it as décor. Using gas inserts instead of wood logs will not be that expensive to convert. If the chimney has structural issues, it may be worth it to repair the vents for ventilation.
  • Homeowners who really want to sell a home will negotiate, and when inspections find problems, they understand the realities of having to make the repair themselves. When there is an active buyer on hand, they find more value in lowering the price rather than risk it sitting on the market for months or years.
  • You also have the choice not to buy a home when repairs are too high.

Consulting with our experts will gain you the facts you need to buy the home you love. To schedule an inspection, call 978-977-3816 or contact us at info@northshoreroofingma.com.