5 Reasons to Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected

If you have a roof that is just beginning to fail but is basically in good condition, then reroofing might be the solution for you. Reroofing may be an option if your roof is still structurally sound and its sheathing is in reasonably good condition but has shingles that are wearing out. However, the roof should not have curling or missing shingles.

Advantages of Reroofing

Reroofing will not always be an option, but it has a number of advantages when it is. Let’s discuss some of these benefits.

Added Protection

If you choose to reroof your house, the contractor will add another layer of shingles over your current shingles. This will add an additional layer of protection to your roof that, along with the roof deck and underlayment, will further decrease the chances of damage or leaks. It will slow direct water toward your gutters, thus reducing pooling. Reroofing can actually be seen as an upgrade to your current roof.

A New Look

Even if your roof isn’t wearing out, you might want to consider reroofing. It is a great way to add a bit of color to your home or include your roof in your home renovation. Although, even if you’re only reroofing your house out of necessity, it will still improve your home’s appearance. After all, a worn roof can give your home an aged look.

Saves Money

Reroofing is less expensive than replacing your roof. The primary reason reroofing is less expensive is that the current roof, including the underlying structures and shingles, does not need to be removed. Therefore less time and considerably less labor are required to do the job. This keeps costs down.

When Reroofing Should Not Be Done

There are situations in which reroofing either will not work or is not advisable. When you have your roof inspected, your roofing inspector should point out any problems that would make reroofing inadvisable.

A roofing contractor should do a thorough inspection and then make a report explaining why reroofing would not be a good idea. You could get a few different estimates to see if other roofers agree that reroofing is not a good option.

There are a few situations in which reroofing may not be a good option, and we will discuss these next.

No Asphalt Shingles

One of the most common and clear reasons why reroofing is not possible is when you do not have asphalt shingles. It is only possible to place a new roof over your current roof if you have shingles due to the fact that shingles can only be placed over shingles. Materials cannot be mixed when reroofing.

Curling Shingles

Another reason reroofing may not be possible is if your roof has curling shingles. Your roof must be level and flat in order for a new layer of roofing to be installed. There are many problems that can cause curling shingles. So, if you still would prefer reroofing to replace your roof, you’ll need to find out what is causing the curling shingles and solve the problem. Then, you’ll need to replace the curling shingles before reroofing.

Previous Reroofing

An additional issue that may prevent reroofing would be having had your home reroofed once already. If you have had your house reroofed in the past, reroofing again will make the roof too heavy.


Reroofing is a good choice for homeowners who have a roof that is near the end of its useful life but is still in reasonably good condition. Reroofing requires less labor than replacing a roof, so it saves both time and money.

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