How To Tell If You Need A Chimney Repair For Basement Leaks

Do you often find rainwater in your waterproofed basement and cannot find where it’s coming from? If you have a chimney, it just might be the culprit. Here’s how to tell if you need a chimney repair for basement leaks. Regardless, North Shore Roofing can gladly fix it and get your chimney back on track.

What Causes Basement Leaks?

The most common reasons that homeowners find basement leaks can include roof damage, chimney damage, a weak rainwater management system, foundation issues, saturation, and humidity buildup.

Chimney Problems That Can Cause Basement Leaks

The only way to determine if your chimney is causing your basement leaks is to examine every structural component, from the roof to the basement to diagnose the problem accurately. Here are a few reasons.

Broken or Missing Chimney Cap/Crown/Wash

If you notice rainwater in the firebox or pouring from the concrete foundation into your basement, the most likely problem is a broken or missing chimney cap, which you will see by climbing on the roof, doing a visual check at the street, using a drone, or finding it in your yard.

Leaky Chimney Flashing

Flashing can be easily damaged by people walking on the roof, in rough weather, or by windy yard furniture punctures. The easiest way to find flashing damage is to look in your attic. If you see signs of moisture (like mildew, mold, or water stains), you might need a chimney repair.

Cracked Bricks Or Missing Mortar

If your chimney’s bricks are cracked or the mortar is eroding or missing between them, it is common for water to run unchecked into the fireplace and the wall beside and beneath it. A tuckpointing chimney repair will fix the damage and prevent water from flowing downward.

Chimney Not Waterproofed

Chimneys are more prone to water damage because they rise above the rooftops and have direct contact with inclement weather patterns. Waterproofing your chimney will protect brick and mortar wear and tear and prevent water from entering the chimney flue. Waterproofing lasts for about five years, but with a yearly inspection, we will tell you when you need it again.

What Is The Best Company To Diagnose Chimney Repair Needs?

It is important to keep in mind that although you think there is a lot of space between your chimney and your basement, the foundation can run through the entire structure of a home, from the ground on up. There is a lot of structural material in between as well so it can be a complicated process to investigate.

If you think your problem is due to a plumbing issue, you will need a plumber. If you only notice the water after a recent rainstorm, the problem is most likely due to a roofing or chimney problem. You can want to call North Shore Roofing anytime to receive an affordable inspection and expert chimney repair.

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