How to Find a Reputable Roofing Company

We understand that replacing your roof may not be the most glamorous of remodeling projects when you’d rather have a new kitchen or a remodeled bathroom, but it is an important part of keeping your home’s value up.  A new roof also keeps your home protected from the elements and water damage caused by snow, ice, and rain.

If you are in need of a new roof, perhaps the best thing you can do is make sure you find a qualified contractor that can perform the job to your specifications.  Research is a must to ensure you are working with a team that knows what they are doing.  Here are 4 of the most important things a roofer should be able to provide you with.  Ask for copies of these items and spend a couple hours doing your homework.

  1. Proof of protection. Make sure they are bonded, licensed and insured to install your new roof.  These things protect the homeowner and business owner, alike.  When provided with the copies of these documents, follow up with the company that has issued these items to ensure the documents are still in good standing.
  2. Smart roofing companies have a list of client’s that will verify their work.  Contact a few people on this list to hear directly from them about their own roofing project.  Be prepared when you call with a short list of questions so you can effectively get the information you need.  Ask them if their timeline was met, were there any complications, etc.
  3. Ask for a copy of the warranty and make sure you know what it covers.  Does it cover just the material or the installation as well?
  4. You should always receive an estimate that lays out the material, labor cost, and incidentals.  Ask for clarification if needed so you can compare, apples to apples, with the other roofing estimates you receive.

A reputable roofer can provide all of these documents so you can be sure you’re working with the right company.  Then, once you make your decision you will have the confidence that your project will be handled by the best.

A new roof will reduce your energy bills and improve the curb appeal factor of your home.  When properly installed, it will protect your home from water damage and increase the value of your home.  It may not be that new kitchen counter that you wanted, but your new roof will be a beautiful addition to your house that will be enjoyed for many years.

If you are ready to replace your old, crumbling roof, give us a call at North Shore Roofing.  Our roofers are certified installers ready to help you improve your home.  Call us to schedule your free roof estimate at (978) 977-3816, or visit our Facebook page at to learn more.