How To Evaluate Multiple Bids From Commercial Roofing Contractors

One of the most important steps to finding the right commercial roofing contractor for the job is the bidding process. Everything that occurs afterward will depend on the specifics within each bid from warranties to cost factors. If you are looking for the best commercial roofing contractors in the North Shore or Greater Boston area, here’s how to evaluate multiple bids.

Difference Between Commerical Roofing Bids, Estimates And Quotes

If this is your first time requesting commercial roofing bids, you will likely receive bids, estimates, and quotes during the process. You should know the difference as each of these proposals will contain diverse information about the commercial roofing work you require.

  • A commercial roofing bid is an exact amount a commercial roofing contractor agrees to perform a project for, which will typically compete with other bidders in the area.
  • A commercial roofing estimate is an approximation of project costs based on industry experience, the extent of plan, and the current material calculations expected for a job. The actual price could run as much as ten to fifteen percent below or above an estimation.
  • A commercial roofing quote, similar to a bid, is an agreement that a commercial roofer will agree to accept, such as job particulars and charges, for the work a client requires.

It is important to note that when evaluating commercial roofing contractors, you need to carefully scrutinize if you are receiving a bid, an estimate, or a quote and what they offer.

Evaluating Commercial Roofing Contractor Bids

After you end the bidding process, you will likely have multiple bids, so you need to carefully look at them and consider the pros and cons. You will want to analyze details like labor, permits, costs, waste disposal, security oversight, sanitation, and start and stop dates when applicable. If you are unsure of anything, it’s okay to ask questions or ask for clarification. If a company is unable or unwilling to explain any detail thoroughly, you should look for another contractor who is transparent with making you feel comfortable about the contract before you commit and sign.

Commercial Roofing Bidding Factors To Look For

While many of the details will be similar, there are warning signs of unscrupulous commercial roofing contractors that will help you avoid negative practices from lowly-skilled companies.

  • Don’t use cost as the most important bidding factor. Lowest bids may come from crooked roofers who will take your money and run before work is completed. Some also sign a contract and then use sub-standard materials or break building codes that leave occupants in danger of serious harm or financial loss. These companies tend to lack insurance as well, so you will not have any protection when things go wrong.
  • Look for positive aspects like warranties or material use to clarify bidding cost differences. Some contractors use hidden costs like permits or hourly labor to increase costs that you will pay out-of-pocket. Ask before you assume the bid is final.

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