How the Cold Weather Affects Your Chimney

Winter can cause a number of problems for chimneys with threats ranging from snow, ice, and even just the cold. These things can cause even more problems if you have already had issues with your chimney. So to help you look out for some problems cold weather can cause, and so you can try to prevent these problems, we are going to discuss some common problems winter can cause for your chimney.

Water Damage

Water can cause damage in chimneys at any time, but cold weather can make it more of an issue. Water can damage any part of your chimney, including the flue and damper, as well as the mortar and bricks. Also, to make things more difficult, it’s very hard to trace where the leak is coming from. Although, often it comes from water entering through the bricks or mortar. It doesn’t take much of a crack in your chimney to allow water in, and once water enters in cold weather, it can freeze and cause more damage to your chimney. This can allow even more water in and create more damage. This cycle can go on until your chimney is significantly damaged or possibly even breaks apart. You can help prevent this cycle by getting your chimney inspected regularly and repairing any damage that is found.

The Stack Effect

This effect is caused by the difference between the air pressure inside your house and the outside. It can happen when warm air goes up through your chimney to the outside, and cold air comes in to replace it. This is basically a backdraft and can cause your house to become colder, which is not so good for your energy bill.

The best way to prevent this is to make sure your damper is working properly.  If you have your damper professionally installed, it should have an adequate seal which will keep this effect from happening.

Animal Problems

When cold weather comes, a lot of animals will try to find a nice warm spot to make a nest for the winter. Unfortunately, some of these small animals, such as birds or raccoons, will try to build their nest in your chimney. This is bad for the animals as they could be seriously injured or killed, and it is also bad for the homeowner. These animals could easily get stuck in your chimney and leave you unable to use your fireplace until you hire someone to remove the animals and the nest. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have your chimney inspected to make sure it is clear and to make sure your chimney cap is in good shape so animals cannot get in to begin with.

Final Thoughts

Winter is the season you want to use your chimney the most, so it is a good idea to keep an eye out for any issues as soon as they arise. That way, you can prevent any damage to your home and keep your chimney working its best to give you warm fires all season long.

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