How Missing Tiles Can Lead To Higher Roofing Repair Costs

You might think that a missing tile isn’t a big deal and can wait for roofing repair. Even a single tile can disrupt the structural integrity of your home. North Shore Roofing will not only be able to inspect your roof annually, but we can ultimately repair chipped, cracked, or removed roofing material. Here’s how missing tiles lead to higher roofing repair costs and how to avoid them.

Cause Of Broken Or Missing Tiles

Tiles are resilient and hold up well under normal circumstances. It is usually in inclement weather that you experience broken or missing tiles. It’s also this pattern that causes damage.

  • Extreme heat will dehydrate rooftops and cause tiles to dry out and crack. This is why roofing experts recommend clay or other heat-resistant tiles that weather better in heat.
  • Wind over fifty miles an hour will cause tiles to dislocate, break, or erode. You will likely find tiles in your yard or granules in your gutter system after high windstorms.
  • Thunderstorms will significantly take a toll on tiles as the intensity of rain splatter on rooftops can cause tiles to dislocate or break down with fast, downward running water.

Damage From Missing Or Broken Tiles

The likelihood of needing major roofing repairs increases the longer the tiles are not in place. It also leaves your home open to leaks, damaged interior building materials, and risk of mold. If you leave the upkeep unchecked, it also lowers the chance that insurance companies will make the necessary repairs because they may find you negligent to some or all of the roofing damage.

  • Structural damage occurs when the foundation and beams get weaker. This is the most common reason for roof collapse, rising water, or interior wall deterioration.
  • Leaky roofs occur when tiles are missing or flashing is damaged. Any time your home is not protected from an in-tact roof, it is defenseless from high winds and rain. Anytime moisture seeps in your home, you will suffer from the water damage.
  • Dry rot happens when hot air permeates wood or other roofing materials that are exposed to moisture. Fungi growth causes the tiles to deteriorate, crack, or erode while the wood underneath weakens and increases the risk of a roof collapse.

Repair Or Replace Broken Or Missing Tiles

Missing and broken tiles actually lower a home’s property value which is why some homeowners choose to repair or replace a broken tile using adhesives, silicone, or cement. If a tile is too damaged or you can’t find the missing tile, you will need to replace it. This is a tricky issue, and if you do not fix it correctly, it will cause severe roof damage. It’s also difficult to find the exact designs and shades, so it could lead to aesthetic issues that lower a home’s curb appeal.

The best way to get the job done right and to prevent damage and costly roofing repair is to hire a professional to do the work for you. You can call us anytime for a free consultation at (978) 977- 3816 or visit our Facebook page at