Have A Leaky Roof? Do You DIY Or Hire A Pro?

Roof preservation is more vital than most realize which is why it is necessary to do regular maintenance and upkeep. While things like debris or gutter clogs are DIY tasks you can do alone, there are issues like roof warranties and insurance policies that determine when you need to call North Shore Roofing. The most common claim for roofing warranties and insurance policies are leaky rooftop complications, so it is crucial to consider when to DIY or hire a pro.

Locating A Leak

There are always two options when it comes to a leaky roof: find the leak to evaluate the damage or call our experts to inspect it for you. Keep in mind that it will require an extra hand because you need someone on the roof and in the attic, so call us if you find any of these steps difficult or if you are unable to locate the leak because of the location, design, flashing, shingles, or even a nail that can be the culprit causing water to travel down through the building infrastructure.

  1. Gather Supplies

After putting on old clothes, gather a ladder, a flashlight, a water hose, gloves, a harness, and a tape measure. The person in the attic should wear a dust mask due to the air quality, and the one going on the rooftop should wear the harness to promote a safe work zone.

  • One person will need to use the flashlight and go into the attic to locate the wet area or water drip. If there is wet insulation, wear gloves before moving it aside.
  • Examine the ceiling sheathing above the leak and follow it up to the roof’s peak.
  • The person on the roof can use the hose to run water above the area to assist you.
  • Use the measuring tape to pinpoint the uppermost area of the leak and mark it while the person on the roof checks the ridgeline to ensure it is the leak source.

Locating The Cause Of The Leak

Once you have a good idea of where the leak is, you also need to determine the cause of it which could be as obvious as missing shingles or tree limb overhang or as complicated as flashing. This is why you will benefit from a roofing pro because materials are generally under a warranty which will save you money for repairs if they are broken or missing because of weather or poor installation by a construction company. It will also be less costly if there are underlying issues.

You will save considerably by calling a pro if you notice any of these issues are present.

  • Missing shingles are typical in high winds, so leaks usually follow.
  • Damaged tiles often arise from tree overhang or falling debris.
  • Flashing wear-and-tear or breakdown can lead to significant water damage.
  • Sealant or construction adhesives deteriorate over time and cause seepage.

It is possible that a quick repair can stop the flow of a leak, but it does indicate that you will require a professional roofing repair soon, most especially if your roof is under warranty. Keep in mind that we will be happy to provide consultation, so give us a call at (978) 977-3816. You will also learn more about DIY roofing repairs by visiting and following our Facebook page.