Fall Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Roofs

Autumn brings with it cooler temperatures, shorter days, and changing leaves. It also offers the ideal opportunity to perform preventative maintenance for your commercial roof before the harsh winter sets in. Preventative maintenance is the best investment you can make for your commercial property. It not only helps you to keep your roof in proper shape, but will allow you to identify issues as they arise.

The type of roof that you have can determine which issues to be on the lookout for:

  • Flat Roof – Flat roofs are commonly found on large commercial buildings. Flat roofs are very useful, but they also present a risk when water gathers on top of structures during heavy rain.
  • Sloped Roof – Sloped roofs are usually found on smaller commercial buildings, and allow for the easy runoff of water. However, sloped roofs can also be subject to wear and tear over time.

Keep Your Gutters Clear

Fall leaves are considered a beautiful sight by most people, but they can also be destructive, believe it or not. When many leaves accumulate in your gutters, they can not only weigh down the gutters but also cause ice dams in the winter. Keeping gutters clean and clear is essential to allow the

Trim Any Overhanging Trees

Keep any trees that are close to your building trimmed so that there are no heavy branches overhanging your roof. Otherwise, these branches can fall and damage your roof during bad weather. By reducing the risk of this problem, you’ll avoid costs stemming from such damage.

Inspect Reflective Coating

Most commercial roofs have a reflective coating that helps protect against sun damage and harsh, changing weather conditions. This reflective coating can become damaged and cracked over time, allowing water to leak in and potentially cause structural harm. Before this occurs, it’s important to have the reflective coating reapplied or otherwise replaced to preserve its integrity.

Be Alert to Signs of Water Damage

Keep an eye on the topmost ceilings inside of your building. Any troublesome signs of interior water leakage, such as discoloration, sagging, drooping, or bulging, require the attention of a professional like North Shore Roofing. The more water is allowed to accumulate inside your building, the more structural damage will occur.

Invest in a Professional Inspection

North Shore Roofing recommends having a professional inspection on your commercial roof every fall. This is especially necessary if there is frequently a lot of foot traffic on your roof, which can weaken it over time. Most roofing professionals recommend biannual inspections for commercial roofs for best results, however, pre-winter inspections are arguably the most important if you’re only planning on one inspection per year. Professionals know what to look for identify problems even in their early stages. Investing money in your roof now can save you in the long run. A professional roofing technician will inspect your gutters and downspouts, search for any damage or vulnerabilities, and recommend proper treatment of said issues.

North Shore Roofing has assisted countless business owners with their roofing needs during the over 25 years that we’ve been in business. All of our roofing technicians bring many years of experience to the table, so you can trust that we’ll effectively handle any roofing issues. Contact us today by calling 978-977-3816 or visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NorthShoreRoofingMA/  for additional information and other preventative maintenance suggestions.