You invest your heart and soul into your business.  In order to protect your investment from the elements, you need quality roofing. If you own a business in Boston or its northern suburbs, North Shore Roofing is your first and only choice for commercial roofing.

We are a family-owned local business, operated by founder Pete Miller since 1995. Therefore, we understand your concerns. You do not want a time-consuming and messy repair job which will drive away customers and disturb your employees productivity. To that end, we offer quality services, executed in the least obtrusive manner possible. Our professionalism and experience allow North Shore Roofing to complete any project promptly, with little or no disruption to your customers or employees.

At North Shore Roofing, we go to great lengths to make sure that your business is structurally sound. It is quite common for business owners to wait until significant damage to their roofs is evident before contacting us. As you well know, exposing your business to the elements in Boston can have severe consequences.

Once the integrity of your commercial roofing has been compromised, fixing the damage may be expensive. If left to long, your property may suffer serious water damage which can lead to endangering your entire business. In extreme cases, a run-down roof may prove to be a health hazard to your customers and employees. When moisture enters your property, the mold and mildew which appears, as a result, can cause severe respiratory problems. This may expose your business to lawsuits.

If your roof is porous, you may also be accruing significant energy bills, adding to your overhead. Only a roof that is in top shape can provide the insulation and proper ventilation necessary to keep the temperature of your business steady.

Our team has decades of experience finding and executing roofing solutions and can nip these threats in the bud. We have provided reliable and attractive service on office and apartment buildings of all kinds, churches, warehouses, and strip malls.

Due to our experience in the business, we know how to maintain your peace of mind. North Shore Roofing is fully licensed and insured. We will take care of all permit-related issues so that you do not have to. We recycle all shingles and relevant materials. North Shore Roofing guarantees that it will dispose of all debris and provide all equipment necessary for that process, including a dumpster. This will keep your business looking attractive to customers and comfortable for your workers, even as you undergo repairs.

We are located at 281 Andover Street, Danvers MA 01923. If you wish to find out more about our services. We are also on Facebook, reach out and like us at https://www.facebook.com/NorthShoreRoofingMA  or just call us at 978-977-3816 to experience our superior personalized customer service. We look forward to hearing from you!