Do You Need Chimney Repair Because It’s Falling Apart?

Have you noticed your chimney is cracking, chipping, or falling apart? While moisture, age, and weather are the most likely culprits, issues like spalling also lead to significant problems to chimney building material. With annual inspections, most commercial and residential property owners can stop these issues from getting worse by performing repointing or tuckpointing repairs. If a chimney falls completely apart, we also might need to replace the liner or flue. If you need chimney repairs because it’s falling apart, here’s how North Shore Roofing will help.

Contributors To Chimney Damage

The first step in reducing chimney damage is to call North Shore Roofing to get a detailed inspection. Not only can we inspect the chimney, but we will provide immediate options for repair or replacement. If your home is older, the chance of having a chimney that was incorrectly installed are rare. Likewise, inclement weather patterns and a lack of annual maintenance can influence the erosion. If a home is newer, crumbling bricks infer an installer used bad bricks.

Moisture permeation through porous bricks is a primary cause of deterioration. As rain and snowmelt look for natural pathways to drain, the moisture causes the brick and mortar to become unstable. During the winter, the moisture freezes and causes chimney spalling. As the bricks and mortar separate, they eventually crack and crumble. Signs of spalling will lead to an unstable fireplace or chimney structure and create a hazardous condition for occupants.

Age is also a critical factor our experts see the most at North Shore Roofing.  Aging causes bricks to deteriorate expeditiously. Not only do they lose their shape, but its core becomes soft and pliable. Soft bricks then become more susceptible to moisture, which increases the likelihood of a chimney spalling. The improper compression on the bricks can be corrected early on by techniques like repointing and tuckpointing to replace damaged bricks and mortar.

Repair Or Replacement?

Even when you choose a repair option like repointing or tuckpointing for an aging chimney, it is often a better option to rebuild a chimney. With age comes more dangerous conditions, so the bricks not replaced are still susceptible to breakage. This pattern further leaves the opportunity for harmful combustion, flue disruption, and dangerous gases entering your home. With further crumbling, it also leaves plenty of room for the growth of mildew and mold.

At the chimney top, falling bricks can also lead to punctures in the roof, which adds additional factors that contribute to roofing repair or replacement expenses. Not only will a homeowner have to pay for the rebuilding of the chimney, but the cost of the liner, flue, bricks, and mortar could easily take a small repointing job early on and lead to a major replacement job down the road without annual oversight and maintenance. Tuckpointing is also aesthetically pleasing.

The earlier you do chimney repairs, the less likely your home will need costly replacements. North Shore Roofing provides free inspections for chimney repair or replacement. Call us at (978) 977-3816 or visit us on Facebook at