Do You Have A Leaky Roof? Call For Emergency Roofing Repair

A new roof is one of the most costly investments you will make as a homeowner, but it’s not always necessary when you have a leaky roof. An unchecked leak will cause significant damage to a home’s structure, so it’s important to have it inspected as soon as you notice it. It’s also vital to keep in mind that most leaky roofs can be repaired, so don’t wait thinking you need to save up for a replacement. Here’s what you should know about emergency roofing repair situations.

Identifying The Cause Of A Leaky Roof

The most important step in roofing repair is to identify the cause of the leak. As long as your roof isn’t aging,  it won’t be difficult or too costly to repair. More importantly, leaky roofs are covered on home insurance, so you won’t be paying of pocket for these roofing repair issues.

  1. Flashing

Flashing is the most obvious place to start an inspection when you have a leaky roof as it’s the material or fitting installed around the features such as your chimney, roof window, skylight, or chimney. They are a primary safety net so that water runs directly to the gutters. When your roof has flashing damage, water can run freely into a home. Anything from improper installation to erosion can cause a leaky roof, so you need to seek emergency roofing repair very quickly.

  1. Storm Damage

The NOAA defines damaging winds as those that exceed fifty miles per hour. Half of all reports of damage are attributed to the wind in storms. After a major storm, you should look for broken or missing shingles, heavy tree limbs on your roof, or gutter damage. You can then go into your attic and check for wet spots to see if the wind damaged the structural integrity of your home. If so, you need to call right away for roofing repair before the next rain occurs to minimize damage.

  1. Broken Or Missing Tiles

Tiles are the first line of defense to your home. When they are broken or missing, it can easily cause a leaky roof. As moisture builds, it can lead to having to replace the roof and building materials such as wood, paneling, and insulation. It’s important to have your roof inspected and tiles repaired before they cause more severe damage and replacement costs, most especially if you are going into the spring or winter months as the likelihood of rain and snow will increase.

  1. Skylight Or Rooflight

Skylights are beautiful additions to a home, but they must be maintained over time to ensure the frame, flashing, and seals are not eroding or leaking. While more modern skylights have a better reputation for holding up under intense storms, older ones have notorious reputations for causing major water damage.

  1. Chimney Erosion

Chimneys often leak because of the metal flashing and caulking eroding over time. If you notice wetness or discoloration, call for emergency chimney repair.

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