Do I Need Roofing Repair For Asphalt Shingle Blisters

Does your roof have ashphalt shingles that are blistering? Are you unsure if your home or business needs roofing repair or replacement? Asphalt shingle blistering can look ugly but also lead to serious roofing issues. When not maintained, it can reduce the strength and lifespan of your roof.

What Is Roof Blisters?

Roof blisters bubble and break for a number of reasons. The most common reason is intense heat and ventilation issues. It is not unusual to notice blisters within the first year of a roof installation. Most warranties cover this as a material defect, but there are usually underlying issues that cause it to occur. When our roofing specialists at North Shore Roofing notice roof blistering, we prefer to also inspect the interior of the home to check for poor ventilation that could be affecting the attic’s temperature, which rising heat over 130 Fahrenheit (54°C) is an indicator.

As the elevated heat source affects the airflow quality under the roof’s surface, the temperature outside will also intensify because of penetrating heat from the sun.  This causes your roof’s ashphalt shingles to scorch, blister, and crack. By fixing the ventilation problem inside a home or business, it will cool the underside of the roof, and the ashphalt shingles will be able to absorb the heat ordinarily without deforming, bubbling, or swelling. Moisture that is trapped in the shingles can also be problematic. If it is a manufacturing flaw, we catch these issues before installation.

What Can I Do About Blistering Shingles?

If the blisters are tiny, it’s likely just a superficial issue. If the blisters are big or you see damage, you need to be concerned about an underlying cause. You don’t want to wait until the granuales have deteriorated to have a roofing inspection done. The sooner we can analyze the shingles, the quicker we can make roofing repairs. It will not only save you money, but it will reduce the likelihood that further damage will occur long-term.

If you notice blistsers, you will want to call us at North Shore Roofing to schedule a maintenance inspection. As experts in the industry, we can quickly tell if the blisters are minor or major. We will also know if an issue is covered by a roofing warranty or if you’ll be charged for it. If the shingle damage is blister-related, it is unlikely that your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover shingle roofing replacement if its cosmetic.

Fixing Roofing Blisters

Whether your shingles are creating an eyesore or have caused damage, fixing roofing blisters are early as possible is important for the longevity of its life expectancy. With proper maintenance and upkeep, you’ll also be able to prevent these issues by detecting the early warning signs of asphalt material deterioration. Your home will also run more efficiently when the roof is in its best shape to protect the occupants who live in it.

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