Creative Chimney Repair Or Restoration Ideas For Your Home’s Hearth

Hearths are all about their extravagance, but if the brick is aging, it can quickly go from a focal point in your home to an eyesore without the proper care. It’s all about the renewal of the masonry. So, don’t just call us for chimney repair. If you need some clever concepts, here’s how our North Shore Roofing specialists will help you restore your home’s hearth into truly lavish home décor.

Repair Damaged Mortar

If you have noticed your chimney has damaged mortar, it’s the perfect time to call us for a chimney repair and brick masonry restoration. Not only will our chimney specialists remove the cracked mortar, but we will repoint the bricks with fresh filling. As repointing will stabilize the wall around your fireplace and improve its aesthetics, it’s an ideal time to also renovate the bricks.

  • Restore And Inspire Home Décor

A great way to incorporate exposed brick into your home décor is to paint them.  With dynamic color choices and artistic details, you can go for abstract, naturalism, symbolism, or romanticism. You can use colors to make dark spaces light or bright spaces more roomy. You can go for trendy by painting the brick masonry a Pantone Color of the Year.

  • Go For An Antique Aesthetic

If your home has a vintage aesthetic, give the same look and feel to an exposed brick hearth by adding asymmetric shapes and handcrafted wood finishes. You’ll also bring decades-past eras back to life by adding a vintage mirror or light fixture to unite décor.

  • Add A Pastoral Tile Pattern

Are you looking for a rustic décor look such as a mid-century farmhouse design? If you want a comfortable design aesthetic, adding a pastoral tile pattern to your hearth will do the trick. With brick maintenance and cleaning, it will also take on an old-fashioned look.

  • Modernize The Mantel

The mantel is the face of a fireplace, so it needs to be lovely yet decorative. Replacing outdated or old-fashioned mantels with new designs will reinvent a home’s appeal. Renovating an old mantel will also make a fireplace feel new and sophisticated.

  • Add Limestone Accents

If you are unsure of what to do with exposed brick masonry, you can surround your fireplace with a limestone accent wall. It modernizes your home yet adds classy appeal.

  • Go Vintage With Exposed Brick Veneer

Do you want a vintage look from your exposed wall brick? Surround it with vintage brick veneer around the fireplace. It will create a cozy or romantic atmosphere in a family room or bedroom. Adding in warm paint color will accentuate a cozy décor and feel welcoming.

  • Do A Masonry Fireplace Renovation

During a fireplace renovation, exposing the bricks of a fireplace can define the architectural designs of a home’s masonry work. A masonry renovation also includes a new metal flue.

  • Accessorize Old Bricks With Mantel Shelving

A stunning way to make your fireplace a focal point is by accessorizing old bricks with mantel shelving.  By accentuating aging bricks, they become the accessory to a fireplace. By placing a mantel a few feet above a fireplace’s firebox, it will also add visual appeal. Adding a few logs in the fireplace will add decoration, which helps feature the fireplace.

What is your favorite brick restoration idea? If it’s time for a chimney repair or replacement, ask us about exposing or renovating the brick masonry also. Give our office a call at (978) 977-3816 or reach out to us today on our Facebook page at