Common Residential Roofing Materials That Are Also Green

Americans agree that going green is innovative and environmentally friendly. When it comes to residential roofing, homeowners often wonder why they are better than traditional materials. Even if you don’t want a rooftop garden, there are several reasons eco-friendly roofing materials are better.

What Are The Benefits of Green Residential Roofing?

Environmental experts agree the top benefits of green residential roofing include a home’s beautiful curb appeal, longer material lifespan expectancy, lower heating and cooling costs, less pollution, natural rainwater management, cleaner air, diminished noise pollution, and organic gardening landscape space.

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Durable Residential Roofing Materials That Are Eco-Friendly

Most customers choose residential roofing materials because of cost, durability, and life expectancy. As homeowners, we all invest in home upkeep and want the best for our families. So, going green may not seem like something homeowners want to take on, thinking this type of roofing material requires more care. What if we told you that common materials are now eco-friendly thanks to innovative technology?

Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are designed to be environmentally friendly, lower heating and cooling costs by half, reduce your carbon footprint contribution, and naturally clean the air around your home.

Metal Roofing

If your primary concern is to buy a long-lasting roof, metal is a material that fits the bill. It is also green because it is recyclable, fire-resistant, and a natural repellant to the sun’s rays. In the winter, the day’s heat will also cause snow to melt. This roof can also last more than fifty years.

Reinforced Rubber Roofing

Did you know that more than 27 million tires end up in landfills each year? They naturally do not break down quickly, so they can remain there for up to eight decades. Roof manufacturers are now creating reinforced rubber roofing materials that are weather-resistant and long-lasting.

Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated roofing is a durable, eco-friendly material designed to withstand inclement weather.  Homeowners can also choose from several designs and colors that make beautiful focal points.

White/Cool Roofing

One significant way to easily ‘go green’ is by cutting down on your energy usage. White roofs are considered green simply because the color naturally repels the sun’s rays and reduces heat in your home. As your house is naturally cooler, you won’t need to use the air conditioning much.

Sustainable Wood Shake Roofing Material

Sustainable wood shake tiles have a beautiful appearance but are also eco-friendly because they are energy-efficient, weather-resistant, have a longer lifespan, and are cost-effective. Sustainable wood shakes are also biodegradable and will reduce your family’s carbon footprint.

Recycled Shingles

One of the easiest ways to have a green roof is by choosing one made from recycled material.  They are affordable and durable, so a homeowner investing in recycled shingles could expect a lifespan of over fifty years while also enjoying the benefits of an eco-friendly rooftop. It’s also green as new shingle creation won’t require any raw resources, which creates less pollution.

Slate Tile Roofing Material

Slate tile is a traditional roofing material that is highly desirable to homeowners as they cool a home thanks to their color.  They are also eco-friendly as roofers can restore and reuse them.

Green Roofing

If you do intend to plant a garden or build a rooftop patio, green residential roofing is still a good option as the roofs are designed to create a beautiful focal point, act as a natural insulator to cool your home, clean the air, and reduce rainwater flow, which will benefit the environment.

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