Commercial Roofing Replacement

If you are in the process of building your business or researching materials for a commercial roofing replacement, you’ll want to learn more about modified bitumen. It’s an ideal choice as it’s aesthetically-pleasing on buildings and works well to lower cooling costs since it reflects UV rays. Here’s why you will want to learn more about modified bitumen’s popularity in 2020.

What Is Modified Bitumen?

Modified bitumen is a low-slope roofing system made from asphalt (tar and gravel filler) that can be applied during high or low temperatures. It’s energy-efficient, waterproof, and tear-resistant. For business owners, it’s also easy to maintain and affordable for commercial roofing repairs.

How Long Do Modified Bitumen Roofs Last?

Most modified bitumen roof warranties offer a shelf-life between ten and twenty years depending on if the modified bitumen roof consists of a two or three-layer installation. Two-layer roofing systems have a primary layer that has a modified bitumen application on top of it. A three-layer roofing system has a base, a modified bitumen layer, and granular surfacing. The thicker the layering, the longer shelf-life you will receive because it is more weather-resistant.

Because modified bitumen is easy to apply, affordable, and requires little maintenance, it’s the perfect material for government buildings, schools, hospitals, restaurants, or hotels. As most commercial properties have high occupancy, it’s also a safe roofing material that is fire-resistant. It’s also energy efficient as it keeps a building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Commercial roofing installation costs are also important to property owners. Modified bitumen is half the price of PVC and TPO, so it’s ideal for those who are feeling a budget crunch and want a reliable alternative to more expensive commercial roofing systems. Modified bitumen is also more durable than some of the other roofing materials such as EPDM, so why settle for less?

Can Modified Bitumen Roofing Be Repaired?

Absolutely! When a modified bitumen roof gets damaged, it’s completely repairable. Upon initial inspection, our North Shore Roofing experts will determine the degree of damages. A patch is usually the most likely solution for minor repair needs as it fills in any holes in the modified bitumen membrane.  If we find that moisture has infiltrated the roofing material, we will need to replace lower sections before the patching can begin on the top roofing layer.

Can I Add Modified Bitumen To An Aging Commercial Roof?

If you want to get the most out of commercial roofing, adding a layer of modified bitumen will add about ten more years of life expectancy to your current roof. It will help defend against high-wind resistance and weather-related damage. If you have damage, it’s a simple repair solution.

How Often Does A Modified Bitumen Roof Need To Be Repaired?

Modified bitumen roofs are typically installed on low-slope or flat structures, so over time, it does require some commercial roofing repair or replacement to ensure optimal performance.  You’ll know you require a repair if you notice cracks or tears in your modified bitumen roof, pooling water or debris, asphalt deterioration, fastener contraction, and layering delamination.

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