Commercial Roofing Materials for Your Business

Commercial roofing may not be on your radar as a business owner. If you own a shop or some other kind of business, chances are your roof wasn’t a priority. You needed it to be in good working order, without damage so you could run your business. But, you may want or need to refresh or re-roof your building.

You’ll find roofing companies provide special services for commercial properties. It’s important your business continues to operate while construction takes place. Your parking lot and entry ways need to be free of obstructions. If not, it could cost you customers because they won’t like the trouble of trying to access your building.

A few things to keep in mind that impact cost is the slope of your roof and materials you choose. To a lesser extent is your climate as there are materials well suited to snowy or very hot environments.

A good thing about restoring your roof is it helps you on tax day. Commercial roof replacement is a capital expense by the Internal Revenue Service. You’ll receive more years of depreciation helping you reduce your taxable income. Check with your tax advisor to get more details.

Three Commercial Roofing Styles

  1. Asphalt Shingles. Asphalt remains the most popular roofing material for residential and commercial roofing. Made of a fiberglass they are the most affordable and last 20 to 30 years. Since they are so popular it isn’t difficult to find a contractor offering this service. You’ll have several to choose from and can narrow choices by reputation and quality of work.
  2. Metal Roofing Materials. Different types of metal commercial roofing materials are available. It requires skilled contractors to install, but when done right it’ll last well over 30 years. Metal roofing withstands heavy snowfall and it’s fireproof in case of wild fires or arson.
  3. Green Roofs. There are many typical commercial roofing materials but green roofing has become popular. They are made with a combination of vegetation and soil. You’ll find this kind of roofing style on flat roofs. Green roofs improve insulation and save on heating and cooling costs. You’ll also enjoy a long duration of this type of roof relative to other roofing materials.

Deciding to restore or re-roof your business is a significant capital improvement. Check with your tax advisor to ensure you make use of the tax advantages for depreciation. This decision is one you’ll want to give careful consideration to get the most from it. There are lots of roofing materials to choose but you’ll need to find skilled contractors. Narrow your choices by asking to talk with a few of their past customers. Read their reviews and be sure to check your state’s licensing board. Do your research so you make an informed decision about the commercial roofer you hire.

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