Commercial Roofing and Residential Roofing Repairs

As a business or homeowner, it is important to understand the ways in which maintaining your facility can save you thousands in needless repairs and replacements. Roofing repair and maintenance are essential to the longevity and appearance of your home and business. Here at North Shore Roofing, we have built a team of highly skilled professionals that can help you with all your roofing needs whether you need parts, repairs or replacements. Serving the greater Boston, Massachusetts area, we have built a reputation as being industry leaders for over thirty years. You can trust that North Shore Roofing will get the work done quickly and efficiently with no intrusion to your life. So, here’s the ins-and-outs of commercial and residential roofing.

Residential Roofing Repair & Maintenance

Residential roofing maintenance consists of inspections, debris cleaning, unclogging drains and touch-ups. Investing in your home is the best way to ensure its structural integrity will last! A well-maintained roof is the first impression on visitors when viewing your property, so it’s important to have routine upkeep. As a homeowner, you are probably aware of how much work goes into maintaining it. Although there are many household repairs you can do yourself, roofing repair and maintenance are better left to a professional team with many years of experience.

Commercial Roofing Repair & Maintenance

Running a business is a demanding job! It is easy to become distracted and focus all of your attention on daily operations. However, neglecting the maintenance of the facility in which your business operates can lead to increased operating costs down the line, which is going to eat into your yearly revenue. Commercial roofing repair and maintenance is essential to your business! This typically consists of routine cleanings, repairs, and inspections. Safeguard your business by protecting the roof in which it operates as it’s the first line of defense to your asset management.

Potential Damages From Lack of Repair Or Maintenance

Many home and business owners put off repairing their roof under the false pretense that they are saving time and money. This can lead to many short and long-term repair costs that you may not be aware of. Here are a few hidden dangers lurking for the unexpected homeowners who wait.

Short Term Effects

  • Leaks
  • Mold
  • Pests
  • Energy Bill Surges

Long Term Effects

  • Water Damage
  • Safety Fears
  • Increase In Repair Costs
  • Decreased Property Value

This may seem like an overwhelming list of potential problems, but having an experienced team on call to care for all of your roofing worries can save you lots of time and stress. With decades of experience and fantastic customer service, North Shore Roofing has built a reputation that you can trust. Make us your one-stop shop for all things roofing and put our skills to the test.

If you have a problem, we have a solution. Call us today to set up a consultation where we’ll come to you! Our consultations consist of preliminary inspections and assessments as well as any estimated costs. No matter the size of the problem, we will be here for you. Ready to get started? Call us at (978) 977- 3816 or visit us at