Commercial Roofing 101: How Long Should A Commercial Roof Last?

North Shore Roofing has served the North Shore and Greater Boston areas for more than three decades, so we thought it would be a great time to talk about commercial roofing specialties that we provide and that other industry contractors don’t to help your commercial roof stand the test of time. Here is what you should know about our commercial roofing management solutions.

What Is A Commercial Roof?

A commercial roof uses materials that seal large buildings like supermarkets or industrial warehouses to ensure structural stability, endurance, or safety of employees, equipment, or stock. These buildings tend to be very costly and require a commercial roof as its first line of defense.

What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Roofs?

While commercial buildings can be built in any fashion and depending on the builder’s style and design, the most common types of commercial roofs tend to be pitched roofs, flat roofs, and low-sloped roofs. These styles generally determine the type of roofing material a roofer uses.

Most Common Roofing Materials

Companies tend to choose the roofing material based on the type of building they have. The six most common roofing material types include thermoset roof membrane (EPDM), build-up roofing membrane (BUR), thermoplastic roofing membrane (TPO and PVC), modified bitumen, and metal. There are also eco-friendly options so companies can create green roofing systems.

How Long Should A Commercial Roof Last?

For commercial and industrial companies, operation costs are a huge part of daily functions as high expenses cut into overall revenue. North Shore Roofing understands this as a company, which is why it is our mission to help customers save by offering roofing repair and replacement alternatives that allow business owners to have the final say on what you want to spend. Typically, our clients weigh cost with value and ask how long should a commercial roof last.

It is why we explain the material life expectancy so you can make an informed decision. Roofs can last from ten to fifty years, depending on the roofing material and any added sealant safety precautions. The material that is perfect for the client who is going to upgrade and sell a building in a few years may just be wrong for the business owner just investing in a property long-term. We give you the information you need and are happy to discuss with you these roofing options.

What Is The Most Durable Commerical Roofing Material?

We often get asked about durability and strength to withstand Massachusetts winds, spring storms, and inclement winter weather. What is the most durable commercial roofing material? If you want durability, you will want to look at TPO, EPDM, PVC, or metal retrofit.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Commercial Roof?

On average, a new install or roof replacement starts at about $4 per square foot, but it is important to note that a study recently found that 80% of roofs are replaced before they need it, which is why you want a roofing company like North Shore to put the needs of the client first.

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