Christmas Lights Out: How to Safely Pack Away the Holiday Decor

Santa has come and gone. Now it’s time for all those shining lights and inflatables to go, too.

Don’t just go out and start pulling. Have a plan for removing those lights. Your bank account is probably a little light after all those Christmas gifts. Don’t add to your holiday expenses by rushing through the removal process. Removing Christmas lights and decor from your house too hastily could be dangerous to you and damaging to your roof and siding. Follow the steps below to avoid costly mistakes.

Ask for Help

Trying to take all those decorations down alone is dangerous. Ensure your safety by asking someone to assist you. A friend or family member can help by:

  • Holding the ladder steady
  • Removing discarded lights to avoid trip hazards
  • Spotting potential danger that you may miss from an elevated position

Wait for Fair Weather

Winter brings nasty weather in pretty much every location. Before hopping on that ladder to remove your Christmas decor, check the forecast and make sure the conditions are favorable.

Strong winds, snow, and ice are hazardous under any circumstance. You definitely shouldn’t be climbing up and down a ladder or moving around your roof in questionable conditions. Your decorations can weather the storm. Wait it out and remove your decor when the weather is right.

Get the Right Gear

Make sure your ladder is up to the task. Check into personal ladder safety gear to protect yourself, as well as accessories to protect your home from damage.

Take Your Time

It took time to hang them, be ready to take even more time removing them. Those fancy clips and anchors you used to keep your decorations up through the season did their job. Many of them are attached to your shingles, flashings, or gutters. Don’t rush the removal.

Pulling on anything attached to your roof will cause damage. Anything you clipped onto the shingles, flashings, or gutters needs to be removed with care. If you get in a hurry and try to yank them off, chances are you’ll be pulling something off along with them.

Lifted shingles and displaced gutters or flashings can cause major problems in the long run. Water will find its way into any crack or opening. Take the time to remove those things right, or pay the price in the long run.

If this warning came too late…

If you’ve already done some damage while removing your lights, don’t panic. North Shore Roofing is here to bring the cheer back into your house. We’ve been keeping Boston out of the harsh weather since 1995. Let our family help keep your family protected and warm this winter. For more information on how we can help you, give us a call at 978-977-3816 or visit our Facebook page.