Building A New Home? How To Decide Between Hipped Or Gable Roofing

Are you building a new home, replacing your roof, or debating the value of a hipped or gable design concept when it comes to durability, sustainability, style, and preference? If you are unable to decide between hipped or gable roofing, here are a few essential things to consider.

Hipped Roofing

A hipped roof has four sides that gently slope inward and meet at a rooftop ridge. The sides are of equal length which makes them stable and sturdy in different weather patterns whether its windy spring storms or blistering Massachusetts snowstorms which this design averts its pooling. Hip roofs are also ideal whether you need more living space or desire a crow’s nest that could turn this extra room into a playroom, a private bath, a business office, or a movie room.

There are a few drawbacks you will want to consider as they are more costly than gabled roofing because of the complexity of the design and aesthetics. Along with more building and roofing materials, the addition of a dormer enhances the  possibility for a living or working space which installation by a reputable roofing company becomes a factor. Proper maintenance reduces the likelihood of leaks, flashing issues, or loss of tiles, shingles, slate, or metal roofing material.

  • Simple hip roofs are shaped with two polygons and two triangles that meet at a ridge.
  • Cross hip designs have separate hip roofs and wings that connect via a valley. You will need to ensure you ask the roofer to waterproof this design due to pooling potential.
  • Half-hipped roofs create eaves between hipped and gable designs that often include gutters that connect the two sides together. The hip is also placed above the ridge.

Gable Roofing

Gable roof designs have peaks that are popular with American builders and homeowners because they lower their construction costs. They also have a clean, triangular shape that is easier to maintain during winter weather build-up. Gable roof designs also provide lots of attic storage space which the accessibility point helps real estate agents use as a selling-point to homebuyers.  It is also a modest architectural design that makes roof maintenance management easy to finish.

Unlike hipped roofs, gable roofs are not as durable to high winds which could leave homeowners paying for leaks or expensive repairs during hurricane-type weather. You will likely not have a problem long-term if you hire a reputable roofer like North Shore Roofing if you are replacing your roof since the framing is a critical part of the gable roof’s support during its construction. High winds also make gables susceptible to more repair needs without the proper use of braces.

  • Side gables have pitched designs with two angled panels that meet at a central ridge.
  • Crossed gables have two right-angled sections that are vertical to one another.
  • Front gables are placed at the home’s entrance and are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Dutch gables are constructed above hip roofs which add visual appeal to a home.

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