Benefits of Chimney Repointing

Chimneys are open to all of the elements, but the one they are most vulnerable to is the wind. Strong winds can lead to cracks and holes in your chimney, which, if not repaired promptly, can lead to serious issues in your chimney, your roof, and maybe even your house.

If you do notice an opening in your chimney’s mortar or brickwork, you will need re-pointing work. Re-pointing work consists of removing the decayed or damaged mortar from a chimney and replacing it with new mortar that extends the life of your chimney. In addition to lengthening the life of your chimney, re-pointing will improve your chimney’s appearance.

You should have chimney re-pointing done periodically along with your regular roof maintenance to keep your chimney in good condition and help protect your roof. The best way to keep your chimney and roof in good condition is to have them inspected regularly. This way, you can deal with any problems while they are small and relatively inexpensive to fix. It is best to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof as they know what to look for. They can also repair the problems they find.

Advantages of Chimney Re-pointing

Extends Your Chimney’s Life

The mortar joints in a chimney should last approximately 25 years. However, during this time, they are exposed to a wide variety of elements, causing a lot of wear and tear. The mortar will expand and contract and eventually crumble into pieces. In contrast, the brickwork that makes up your chimney can last for over one hundred years. So, it makes sense to have chimney re-pointing done to help your chimney last for its full lifespan.

Saves You Money

If you get chimney re-pointing done when it is needed, before significant damage occurs, it can save you a lot of money. It can keep you from having to deal with serious repairs on your chimney, such as chimney collapse. This would mean replacing your chimney, which would be quite expensive. Additionally, you could even have damages caused by the chimney collapse, which would need to be repaired.

Helps Keep Your Chimney Intact

If your chimney starts to fall apart, it can endanger those around your house in addition to the house itself. A crumbling chimney can certainly cause damage to your roof. But, worse yet, it could be a danger to those in the yard below. However, if you have chimney re-pointing done regularly, it should keep your chimney intact. Then, you shouldn’t have to worry about these kinds of safety hazards.

Preserves Your Chimney’s Appearance

Clearly, chimney re-pointing is important for keeping your roof and even your house from becoming damaged. But, chimney re-pointing can also improve the appearance of your house. A crumbling chimney can hurt the appearance of your house by making it look poorly maintained. But, with chimney re-pointing, you can contribute to the overall appearance of your home.

Helps Prevent Leaks

Generally, when chimney re-pointing is done, the workers apply a waterproof sealant to the joints between the bricks in your chimney. This helps keep moisture from getting into the mortar, thus helping to prevent leaks in your chimney.

Final Thoughts

Your chimney is a significant part of your overall roofing system. Without proper maintenance, a chimney can cause damage to the surrounding roof and lead to leaks in both your flue and the roofing system. This makes regular re-pointing a critical part of an overall maintenance routine.

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