While you might have a tendency to stare at your ceiling or even visit your attic from time to time to find something in storage, how often have you thought about what is protecting your home? Are you like other homeowners and never think about roof integrity until it is leaking or you find tiles in the front yard after a major storm (which is right around the corner for Massachusetts residents)? If you are a home or business owner questioning if roof inspections are necessary, here are five essential reasons to call us at North Shore Roofing to schedule an appointment.

  1. Maintenance And Upkeep

You should schedule a maintenance and upkeep appointment at a minimum of once a year on both residential and commercial structures. Not only do our experts check for structural integrity, tiling, and flashing, but we also see how secondary issues like the placement of air conditioning units or fireplaces to ensure they are in their proper placement since they commonly cause damage that leads to leaky roofs or holes.  A maintenance check is only a couple of hundred dollars while a new roof costs thousands.

  1. Warranty Protection

Warranties add valuable protection to a home, so you want to ensure that nothing voids it. Most roofing manufacturers will quickly cancel a warranty if you do something as simple as a DIY cleaning or a tile replacement after a storm just because you did not call a professional roofer to perform it. Most importantly, roofing experts know precisely what is covered under a warranty which will save you a lot of money during inspections.

  1. After Storm Damage

Your roof takes the brunt of a storm’s fury and catches debris daily when the wind is at its peak. Most notably after a major storm, you need to check for water leaks, broken tree limbs, missing tiles, wind-blown lawn furniture, or clogged gutters and drainage pipes.

  1. Gutter System Preservation

It is vital to keep an eye on your gutter system. Inspectors check the correct sizing for a home, for rust or cracks, and that the downspouts correctly prevent water from building up near the home’s foundation since a few inches of rain will cause flooding. Inspecting the gutter system will also help avoid soil saturation and will prevent costly infrastructure issues like rising damp, mold, mildew, rotting building material, and poor air quality.

  1. Your Roof Is Aging Out

Everything ages and nothing is more expensive to revitalize than property. If your roof is aging, you need to pay more attention to the structure for cracks, missing tiles, or gaps in between them. It will allow you to determine when a repair will help you buy you time to save or when your roof has reached its lifespan and will need to be replaced.

Our mission is to help our clients get the most out of their roofs by promoting maintenance rather than replacement. Repairs extend your roof’s lifespan which inspections uncover early enough to make the difference. Call us at (978) 977-3816 or send us a private message on Facebook.