9 Signs You Need Roofing Repair

Do you know the signs of a failing roof? It’s important to learn what to look for because early roofing repair can save a person a lot of money when it comes to needing a roof replacement. Prevention practices and early reparation intervention can also keep your home or business safe and secure from issues like flooding and fire. Here are nine clear signs you need roofing repair.

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Roof?

One of the clearest signs of a bad roof is cracking, curling, or missing shingles. Usually, it occurs after inclement weather patterns or when shingles are near the end of their lifespan. Early detection is critical as your shingles may well still be in their warranty. Waiting until the shingles are old increases the chance a roof isn’t a candidate for roofing repair and needs a replacement.

  1. A Sagging Roof

Have you noticed your roof is starting to sag? Take note and call us quickly as it could mean the roofing materials are deteriorating. Issues like storms or ice dams can also render a roof weak and dangerous. Snow accumulation can also weigh a rooftop down and cause a cave-in. If a roof was recently installed, it infers a sub-standard installation.

  1. Dark Or Spots On Your Roof

If you are noticing dark stains on your roof, you need to call us for an inspection as it might be algae growth. If your warranty is good, you must get a roofing specialist to remove moldy growth as a DIY cleaning job will not be covered by warranty protection.

  1. Shingle Granules In Gutter System

How often do you clean your gutter system? You should be doing it annually. Not only is it important to clear away debris, but you also want to look for indicators like granules as well. Weather patterns or aging can cause deterioration. Granule material includes asphalt containing material (ACM), clay, ceramic coating, granite, rock, basalt, or silicate blend.

  1. Water Damage

Standing water on the roof will cause water damage. Look for signs of water damage such as stains in the attic, ceiling, or hardwood flooring. Mold is also a possible sign.

  1. Exposed Nails

Roofing specialists use nails to secure roof building materials, so it is not uncommon to see exposed nails. Especially if you have recently had a piece of equipment (satellite or solar panels) installed, improper installation leave nails exposed and cause water leaks.

  1. Damaged or Missing Flashing

Damaged or missing flashing is common around a dormer window or a chimney as it seals the structures. It loses its effectiveness over time or when structural damage occurs.

  1. Aging Roofing System

An aging roofing system requires a replacement when it reaches twenty to twenty-five years. If you paid for an extended warranty, it can be forty to fifty years. Annual checks will ensure you get the right roofing repairs to expand the life expectancy of materials.

  1. Energy Bills Have Increased

An easy to spot sign is the unexpected jump in energy bills. To avoid losing heating or cooling, roofing repairs boost home performance and make a home energy-efficient.

  1. Holes In The Roof

Strong winds cause damage. Improper installation can expose a nail. Walking on the rooftop often breaks shingles. You will see sunlight in your attic if holes are present.

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