9 Advantages To Choosing A Rubber Roof For Sloped Or Flat Roofs

Up until recently, most homeowners have opted for shingle roofs because of their aesthetics and long-term usage. For architectural designs like low sloped or flat roofs, rubber roofs often provide more benefits than shingles. How much do you know about rubber roofs? Here are nine advantages to choosing a rubber roof over other materials when you want something different.

What Is Rubber Roofing?

In the roofing industry, a rubber roof is referred to as EPDM which is an ethylene propylene diene terpolymer material that has a reputation as an affordable and durable choice.

  1. Cost is one of the primary benefits since rubber is less expensive than other materials when using a professional expert roofer like North Shore Roofing to complete the job.
  2. The product is also made with a lighter material which makes installation much quicker a process to complete. EPDM reduces the amount of labor and installation costs as well.
  3. Rubber is a durable material which is of significant benefit for homeowners looking for a long-lasting roof. A rubber roof is laid in a single layout which means there will be no seams to worry about causing water damage disruptions in the future.
  4. Because roofers use glue to secure the rubber into place, your homeowner’s policy will not have to include heat damage which is a primary cause for water leaks in homes. You should check with your insurance provider to see if you will receive a discount, too.
  5. Rubber is also resistant to the sun’s UV rays and fire, so damage is unlikely. This means that a quality installation job will provide you with more than fifty years of usage.
  6. Rubber roofs are durable enough to withstand extreme weather patterns like hail, lightning, and high winds which means the probability of damage is highly unlikely. It also stands up well to low temperatures so you will not sustain cracks due to cold air.
  7. The material is easy to repair if you do experience damage or leaks. It is also much less expensive to repair rubber when compared to other types is a worthy investment for homeowners who want to build homes at affordable prices. In some cases, repairs can be made with liquid rubber or rubber tape repair. Expert guidance is recommended.
  8. Maintaining a rubber roof is also a benefit as you do not have to care for it like you would have to invest time and money in other roofing material upkeep. At most, adding a layer of acrylic paint every decade will add an aesthetic appeal and protect the layering.
  9. Homeowners today want environmentally friendly products. Rubber is recycled, so you have a lot of choices in the thickness of the roof you choose for your ‘green’ home. You also have the option of recycling your roof when you replace it after its life cycle.

It is important to talk to our roofing experts to determine which roofing material works best for your home’s architectural structure and geographic location. If you like the design aesthetic of shingles but want the durability of EPDM, they can be cut in strips to provide a more natural look. For more information, call 978-977-3816 or contact us at info@northshoreroofingma.com.