7 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Fireplace This Holiday Season

The weather is getting everyone in Massachusetts in the mood for the holidays. Nothing says holidays better than curling up in front of a fireplace with friends or family.  With snow on the way, it is time also to prepare your fireplace for usage. So, here are seven mistakes to avoid.

You Fail To Get A Yearly Inspection And Cleaning

Before you do anything, you need to have your fireplace inspected by professionals. You will also need to have it cleaned so that it is ready for the first use for those chilly temps on the way. An inspection and cleaning will also ensure that there are no hazards like deterioration from the weather, chimney blockages, or nests that will cause house fires.

You Have The Wrong Mantel Size And Shape

Mantels add an aesthetic to your room’s interior. The wrong size or shape will make a mantel look out of place and disproportionate to the room’s spacing. It is best to ensure that the fireplace’s width is not wider than the chimney breast. If the mantel surpasses the width of the chimney breast, it will look peculiar. If you have exposed edging, it will also cause hazards and also lead to damage and ultimate need for repairs.

Designs Are Old And Outdated

Half of the homes in the United States were built after 1980, and 60% have a minimum of one fireplace in the home which shows it is still a popular feature.  As half of the homes built before 1980 were constructed in a time when firewood was a primary source of heating, it is not unusual to see outdated fireplaces that need repair. Because the designs are old and outdated, having it modernized with a fresh look will bring its natural beauty out in your home. You will also receive re-flashing, repairing, and rebuilding services that give your fireplace a top-notch makeover that will define your style and class.

You Like Holiday Clutter

Fireplaces are lovely, but they are also potential fire hazards when you clutter the mantel with knickknacks or house furniture or rugs too close to the heat source. Be mindful of your Christmas décor and firewood near the hearth or it will not be a merry holiday.

Your Fireplace Ash Is Not Removed Promptly

You must maintain your firebox as ash builds up quickly. It will also weaken the air quality in your home which is why a proper cleaning will remove ash and soot and ensure that your fireplace is the highlight of the holiday season.

Do Not Mount A TV Over Your Fireplace

You will see many to-die-for décor patterns with a flat screen mounted over the fireplace. If you hang it too low, it disrupts the heat and damages your TV. Mounting it too high strains your neck. You either need to hire a professional to mount it or find an alternative.

You Fail To Buy A Carbon Monoxide Detector

With a fireplace, you must have a carbon monoxide detector so that it alerts your family of dangerous carbon levels in your home which signifies a vent issue or a gas leak.

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