Boston winters can be extremely rough on your roofing. The last thing you want is to expose your property to water damage or mold in the dead of winter. To avoid damage to your house and prevent expensive mid-winter repairs, you can take steps to prevent weather damage in advance. A round of pre-winter maintenance can help you avoid these problems in advance and do so while the weather is still mild.

Here are North Shore Roofing’s top tips for protecting your roofing in winter:

  1. Inspect your roof: A proper inspection is a good way of identifying possible problems in advance. You may see issues with the shingles which could turn into leaks later on. There may also be animal infestations up there. Other possible problems include animal infestation, algae growth, tree damage It is always better to identify them before any damage is done. If a professional roofer executes the inspection, they should also examine your valleys and shingles. They may need to be cleaned or replaced.
  2. Keep your gutters clean: If your gutters are clogged during the height of winter, you may end up with ice dams. These pesky blockages can stop ice from fully melting and water from running properly through the gutter. The ice itself can cause damage to your roof over time.
  3. Check attic insulation and ventilation: Do not wait for the elements to test your roof’s ability to keep out moisture. If your insulation is air-tight before winter, it will help you lower your energy bills and prevent water damage. Proper insulation also keeps the surface of your shingles colder, which is key to preventing ice dams and the damage they can cause.
  4. Check the flashing: Damaged flashing is a major cause of leaks. The Flashing connects the roof to other components, such as skylights, chimneys, and windows. Therefore, it is a potential weak spot on your roof and must be maintained.
  5. Trim the trees: If you have trees touching your roof or overhanging it, trim them away and leave a safe distance from the structure itself. Remember, trees move around a lot in winter. Branches or even the entire tree may fall over and cause damage to the roof or the rest of the structure. This leads to some of the most severe winter damage we deal with.

At North Shore Roofing, we are here to assist you in preparing for the winter. Call us if you want us to handle preparations. Remember, it is expensive and difficult to fix your roof in winter. Prepare now!

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