5 Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time For A Residential Roofing Repair Or Replacement

Winter roofing issues like missing shingles, punctures in the rooftop, or serious tree damage are quite common. If you are a property owner who thinks the summer is the best time for a repair or replacement, you might be surprised to learn that right after winter is more beneficial. Here are five reasons why spring is the best time to have a residential roofing repair or replacement.

  1. Quick Repair Of Winter Roofing Damage

Winter weather patterns will wreak havoc on your roof, from breaking or losing shingles to water pooling and creating dams that add too much weight. You’ll most likely notice problems with your roof right after a tough winter. If you don’t catch the issues quickly enough, spring thunderstorms will make the damage worsen until you need a replacement rather than just a minor repair. By scheduling a spring check-up with North Shore Roofing, we’ll guarantee you a faster roofing solution turnaround.

  1. Best Spring Roofing Scheduling

As a family-owned business owner, we believe in roofing quality over roofer quantity. We also believe in protecting property owners by providing certified roofers that not only do a roofing job thoroughly but clean up debris from work sites, so our valued customers won’t have to. While we work all year long, we offer competitive rates in the spring to encourage customers to not put off pressing roofing concerns.

  1. Energy Savings

There are two seasons that energy becomes a factor: winter and summer. Your energy bills increase dramatically because of heating and cooling. Spring and fall bring on milder temperatures and make it easier for occupants to deal with roofing issues. You also don’t want to wait until the summer temperatures are upon you to think energy consumption. With a new roof in the spring, you will lower heating and cooling by up to 15% because you will benefit from a new roofing system install and attic insulation. It’s also the time for us to add solar panels during a roof replacement.

  1. Weather Patterns

What is the best temperature to replace a roof? Weather patterns greatly affect roofing procedures, so the spring and early summer heat is the best time for roofing work. Asphalt shingles also require that installation be completed between forty and eighty-five degrees. Higher temperatures can cause shingles to crack or break. For workers who enjoy outdoor jobs, roofers also love milder spring weather patterns. You’ll also have all summer to enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient household.

  1. Tax Refund Season

What is the best time to replace a roof? Did you know that 75% of Americans get a tax refund that averages about $3,000? This proves the spring is the best time to use your refund on major household expenses such as roofing repairs or replacement. As spring is a slower time for roofers, you’ll also enjoy lower labor and material costs.

Will Homeowners Insurance Pay For A New Roof?

If your roof is damaged because of accidents or acts of nature, most insurance policies will pay for residential and commercial roofing repairs or replacements. Most insurers do not cover aging, wear-and-tear, or homeowner neglectfulness, so it’s best to schedule your annual springtime checkup at the same time every year to keep your roofing system in optimum shape.

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