5 Reasons to Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected

If you’re a busy business owner, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your commercial roof. It’s just not something you notice very often. However, it’s important to spend a little time thinking about it. In fact, you should probably get it inspected twice a year.

There are some very good reasons for getting the inspections, and we will list a few of these reasons.

Saves You Money

A commercial roof costs a lot of money, and no one wants to have their roof replaced any sooner than necessary. If you have your roof inspected regularly, your roofing contractor will point out any problems they find before they become a serious problem. This will allow you to have the problems fixed before they become more expensive. Additionally, promptly repairing any issues with your roof will help your roof to last longer.

Prevents Damage to Your Premises

No matter what line of business you are in, you have a lot of property to protect. Whether you have an office with a lot of equipment and office supplies or a shop with a lot of inventory, you have a lot of money invested in your business. If your roof should leak or fail, it could cause a considerable amount of damage, thus costing you a lot of money. Therefore, having regular roof inspections could protect your business investment as well as your roof.

Lowers Your Utility Bills

Your roof does more than just keep the elements out. It also saves your business money on utilities. It does this by reflecting UV light, thus keeping your business cooler. For those businesses with skylights, it also reduces the need to use electric lights as much during the daytime. Reducing the need for air conditioning and lighting can add up to considerable savings on your business’s electric bill. However, if your commercial roof is not in good condition, you will lose some of these benefits. But, having regular roof inspections can allow you to keep your roof in good condition.

Preserve Your Warranty

You probably have a warranty that came with your commercial roof when you had it installed. This warranty likely covers materials and labor for the roof. This means that unless your roof is too old, the warranty should cover any repairs or replacement, thus saving you money. However, if you do not care for your roof, it could void your warranty. Whereas, if you have regular inspections, you can show that you have been caring for your roof should you ever need to use your warranty.

Cleaning and Maintenance

A roof inspection can do more than tell you if your business has a damaged roof. The inspector can also point out whether or not your roof needs any maintenance or cleaning. It’s possible for leaves or branches to build up on your roof over time, and if this debris is not removed from your roof, it could cause damage. An inspector can also point out whether your gutters are clogged and need cleaning or if there are any branches hanging over your roof that need to be trimmed or removed.

Final Thoughts

A commercial roof inspection is the best way to guarantee that your roof lasts for the long haul. This requires little time and effort on your part and ensures that it will protect your building for years to come.

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