5 Must-Do Maintenance Tips That Identify The Need For Roofing Repair

Like most things in life, you can’t wait until you need roofing repairs to put a band-aid on the problem. You can properly maintain your roof to put off costly replacements though by doing a few simple chores or hiring North Shore Roofing to do them for you. Most especially after a long winter or a severe summer storm, these are the types of weather patterns that cause serious roof damage, so here are five must-do maintenance tips that identify the need for roofing repairs.

  1. Inspect Your Roof For Water Damage

The only way to detect early signs of roof water damage is to do it manually. How do you inspect a roof for damage? You first will want to walk around your home and look for signs of aging, sagging, or missing material. You should also watch for rising damp, algae, or moss, which is a clear signal there is moisture present. You’ll also want to inspect the rooftop for wear and tear, missing shingles, or deterioration around flashing.

You can also hire North Shore Roofing to perform a professional inspection for you. What do roof inspectors look for? Roof inspectors look for problems like improper installation, structural deterioration, weather-related damage, signs of rodents, and organic matter that will eventually require professional roofing repair or replacement.

  1. Examine The Soffit

What is a soffit? If you’re not too familiar with this roofing terminology, you might not realize the importance of soffits, or the material between the walls of your home and the eaves, assuming your home has overhangs. It has tiny holes that allow air from the attic to properly circulate. Is the soffit part of the roof? The soffit sits underneath the roof’s overhang and seals the home’s structure to the roof, so it’s susceptible to damage when roofing repairs are needed from rain, snow, ice dams, wind-blown debris, or rodents. It’s important when doing roof inspections to examine the soffit for holes or rotting wood.

  1. Check The Flashing

Your roof’s flashing is easy to damage because it is normally where components like skylights, HVACs, or satellites are installed. It’s easy to improperly install them, and over time, they cause cracks and loss of caulking to occur. You may also see rust appear on the flashing, so you’ll need to get it repaired quickly to avoid future roofing damage.

  1. Inspect The Shingles

Your roof’s shingles are prone to wind, storm, or ice dam damage. You will want to inspect your entire roof and remove damaged, loose, chipped, or curled shingles. If you notice that the shingles are aging and worn out, give us a call about a roof replacement.

  1. Clean The Gutters

Your gutters play a pivotal role as they remove excessive rain run-off and carry it away from your home. When the gutters are clogged with ice, leaves, limbs, or rodent nests, the water remains on the roof and creates ice dams in the winter or floods in the summertime.

Prevention is key to avoiding costly roofing repairs. Call us at (978) 977-3816 to find out how we can help you maintain it or visit us at https://www.facebook.com/NorthShoreRoofingMA.