5 Factors That Effect The Cost Of Residential Roofing

Having to deal with a residential roofing repair can cause anxiety. First, it protects your home, so you are fearful of your family being hurt if the roof collapses. Second, the cost of a residential roofing repair tends to worry homeowners when it is unexpected. You might be surprised to learn that most homeowners who do annual inspections and upkeep don’t have these fears as they have a head’s up about upcoming issues before repairs need to be done. Here are five critical factors that influence the cost of a residential roofing repair and possible replacement.

  1. Roof Size & Style

You probably learned when choosing your roof that the size and roofing style you have will significantly affect roofing repair costs. Whether your roof is sloped, flat, dutch, or gable, the roofing repair or replacement cost can increase. Just think about the size. If your house is twenty-by-twenty, your roof is 400-square-feet.

The larger the roof, the more you should expect to pay for the necessary repairs. Homeowners nationally tend to pay on average about $250 for minor repairs and $650 for intermediate roofing repair needs. With an annual inspection, you can be fully prepared for these minor repair costs and have a head’s up on major repairs.

  1. Age Of Roof

The age of your roof should always be considered when thinking about repair costs. Roofing materials tend to last about twenty-five to fifty years (with protective coatings), so you want to weigh the value of a repair or a replacement based on how many years you can expect to get from your roof. If the roofing cost is more than 50% of your roof’s value, you should opt for a roof replacement.

  1. Type of Roofing Material

Roof material type will greatly affect your expectant repair or replacement costs.

  • Asphalt is between $5 to $9 per-square-foot. You can opt for 3-tab shingles as the cheapest option, but if you started with architectural shingles when built, you’ll want to stay with them for aesthetics.
  • Slate tiles cost between $6 and $15 per-square-foot. Including installation costs, it’s a more affordable option on the market for homeowners.
  • Clay tiles run about $10 to $18 per-square-foot, but they are necessary editions if you live in hotter climates. The good news is that they are long-lasting, so you’ll likely only need to replace them if they get chipped.
  • Metal roof replacement costs between $5 to $15 plus installation per-square-foot but last about fifty years with little maintenance costs.
  • Cedarwood roofing tiles cost about $6 to $9 per-square-foot. You can upgrade the type of cedar you purchase by about a 50% cost increase.
  1. Water Leaks

If you have a leaky roof, the cost to fix it can greatly increase based on what needs to be repaired. If you have a gable roof with sealant erosion or have flashing damage, it could cost a bit more as it requires a multiple-layer repair.

  1. Rooftop Features Such As Skylights Or Chimney

Any type of rooftop feature will increase the cost of repairs as they require specialized services to either replace materials, add new caulking, or fix flashing around it, so if you have a chimney or a skylight, expect to pay more in repairs.

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